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vol.15 suppl.1-2Notas sobre o novo conceito de Sagotia racemosa Baill. (Euphorbiaceae) em relação as suas variedadesTropical lowland mosses disjunct between Africa and the Americas, including Calyptothecium planifrons (Ren. & Par.) Argent, new to the Western Hemisphere author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Acta Amazonica

Print version ISSN 0044-5967On-line version ISSN 1809-4392

Acta Amaz. vol.15  supl.1-2 Manaus  1985 

Original Article

Taxonomy of the Oenocarpus-Jessenia (Palmae) complex in Brazil

Michael J. Balick *  

*The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York 10458, E.U.A


Two genera, Oenocarpus and Jessenia are recognized in this complex of Neotropical palms. They are well represented in Brasil, Oenocarpus with seven species (O. distinchus, O. discolar, O. tarampabo, O. bacaba, O. macrocalyx, O. mapora and O. minor, and Jessenia with one species, J. bataua). Many of these taza are poorly know and under-represented in herbaria, both in Brazil and elsewhere. A great deal of fieldwork is needed to betther undestand the basic biology and extent of variation in the populations of these palms.

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