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vol.79 issue4Natural infection of the opossum Didelphis albiventris (Marsupialia, Didelphidae) with Leishmania donovani, in Brazil author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz

Print version ISSN 0074-0276On-line version ISSN 1678-8060

Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz vol.79 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Oct./Dec. 1984 

Trypanosoma cruzi: vertebrate and invertebrate cycles in the same mammal host, the opossum Didelphis marsupialis

Maria P. Deane1 

Henrique L. Lenzi2 

Ana Jansen1 

Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Departamento de Protozoologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Departamento de Patologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Epimastigotes multiplying extracellularly and metacyclic trypomastigotes, stages that correspond to the cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi in the intestinal lumen of its insect vector, were consistently found in the lumen of the anal glands of opossums Didelphis marsupialis inoculated subcutaneously with infective feces of triatomid bugs.


No gambá (Didelphis marsupialis) foi observado um ciclo extracelular do Trypanosoma cruzi: o parasita crescia abundantemente no material de secreção acumulado no lumen das glandulas anais de animais criados em cativeiro e infectados por via subcutanea com fezes de triatomineos.


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