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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz

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Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz vol.89 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Apr./Jun. 1994 

Annotated list of the Phlebotominae (Diptera) of SurinameBurgosA. M.HudsonJ. E. Suriname. Ministry of Health, Bureau of Public Health Paramaribo Suriname 061994892171178Phlebotomine sandflies were collected between 1952 and 1984 at 30 localities in the tropical rainforest and savanna regions of Suriname. Thirty-nine species were identified in the collections (2 Brumptomyia, 37 lutzomyia), including two known vectors of cutaneous leishmaniasis, Lutzomyia flaviscutellata and L. umbratilis. Nineteen of the species are new records for Suriname. In the rainforest region, the commonest phlebotomines were L. squatniventris maripaensis (79.8%), L. umbratilis (8.4%) and L. flaviscutellata (6.3%) in human bait catches, L. umbratilis (26.2%), L. infraspinosa (23.9%) and L. trichopyga (8.3%) in CDC light traps and L. umbratilis (84.3%), L. whitmani (6.8%) and L. shannoni (4.3%) in collections from tree trunks. The mean incidence of cutaneous leishmaniasis from 1979-1985 was 4.9 per 1000 inhabitants for the rainforest region and 0.66 per 1000 for Surinameas a whole.DipteraPsychodidaePhlebotominaeBrumptomyiaLutzomyialeishmnaniasisSurinameFull text available only in PDF format.Texto completo disponível apenas em PDF.