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Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões

Print version ISSN 0100-6991

Rev. Col. Bras. Cir. vol.25 no.2 Rio de Janeiro Mar./Apr. 1998 



Malacoplaquia intestinal


Colonic malakoplakia



Jacinto José Frem Aun, ACBC-SPI; Maurício Bonifácio Barbosa de OliveiraI; Marcos Meireles Frem AunII

ICirurgião Geral do Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa de Campinas - SP
IIAcadêmico do curso de Medicina da Universidade São Francisco - Bragança Paulista - SP

Endereço para correspondência



Malacoplakia is a chronic granulomatous disease of unknown origin. However immunodeficiency states (immunossuppressive medication, old people, renal transplantation, leukaemia, diabetes mellitus, malnutrition and others) have been associated with patients with malacoplakia. An infectious cause of malakoplakia is suggested by the finding of coliform bacteria in the phagolysosomes of macrophages. The histologic study is characterized by a infiltrate of large macrophages (Hansenmann cells) with pathognomonic inclusions containing siderocalcific structures (Michaelis-Gutmann bodies). Most of the cases reported in literature, involve the genitourinary tract, but other structures can be affected (brain, bone, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, intestine, and others). A 66-year-old man whith a abdominal mass, went to our hospital with a colonic tumour diagnosis. The patient was submitted to a surgery, with resection of the rigth colon. The disease was invading a portion of the retroperitoneal tissue that was removed. The histopatologic study showed the pathognomonic sign of malakoplakia (Hansenmann cells and Michaelis-Gutmann bodies). Norfloxacin have been used to the complementar treatment with total cure of the patient.

Key words: Malacoplakia; Colonic malacoplakia.



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Endereço para correspondência:
Dr. Maurício Bonifacio Barbosa de Oliveira
Av. Brasil, 494
13020-460 - Campinas - SP

Recebido em 7/8/97
Aceito para publicação em 1/12/97



Trabalho realizado no Hospital Real Sociedade Portuguesa de Beneficência, Campinas - SP.

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