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Revista de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul

Print version ISSN 0101-8108

Rev. psiquiatr. Rio Gd. Sul vol.27 no.1 Porto Alegre Jan./Apr. 2005 



The effort of editing two journals per number



We certainly began the year 2005 in the best moment yet experienced by Revista Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul Psychiatry Journal). In the 26th year of our journal, we have lived a 25-year history of uninterrupted publications for national distribution to over 5,000 psychiatric colleagues and institutions, presence in different important indexers, an A level qualification by the CAPES periodical portal and recognition from the academic and non-academic psychiatric community of our country for the quality of our journal. We, the Editorial Board, have observed two aspects of this recognition: the first consists of the constant contribution of articles during the year and the second has to do with the origin of these articles: currently, nearly two thirds of the articles in our database are non-local, which clearly demonstrates that our journal has effectively become a medium for diffusing Brazilian psychiatric thought.

However, in addition to these historical and contemporary aspects of our growth, we also consider the solidification of our editorial line to be fundamental. An editorial line cannot be structured overnight. It is the result of the efforts of various previous Editorial Boards together with the very unique characteristics of psychiatric thought in our field. Psychiatry in the state of Rio Grande do Sul has always known the meaning of the term "co-existence." Here, psychiatrists from the analytical tradition live harmoniously together with others who have a more clinical orientation, with researchers from basic related areas, cognitive therapists and other psychiatric and psychotherapeutic currents. In this way, the editorial line of Revista de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul distinguishes and differentiates itself from other co-publications exactly because it has this unique aspect: the publication of articles that reflect what is researched in our centers of excellence side by side with articles focused on the very important daily psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinical practice performed by our Brazilian colleagues. We understand that this is our differential and, just as each publication in our area has established itself based on a particular characteristic, this has been ours. Perhaps its is exactly this characteristic that is responsible for the level we have now reached.

At the same time that our attentions are focused on the circulation of articles within our country, we also make efforts for these articles to be recognized and read outside Brazil. For this purpose, we have edited two journals per number since last year: a printed version, entirely in Portuguese, and another electronic version, entirely in English and available on the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) international site. This posture entails much more work and an infinitely higher cost. However, we understand that in the process of editing two journals per number, we are fulfilling our editorial mission with our the internal public, in its native tongue and also in English, so that the external public can learn about and recognize what is produced here.

Our current goal is two journals per number, fulfilled with devotion and with the pleasure of knowing that we are contributing to the scientific growth of Brazilian psychiatry.


Flávio Shansis and Jacó Zaslavsky

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