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vol.11 issue4Feeding aspects of Tanystylum isabellae and Anoplodactylus stictus (Pantopoda)Myrciariamyia bivalva, gen.n. and sp.n. (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, Oligotrophini) associated with Myrciaria floribunda (Camb.) Legr. (Myrtaceae) in Brazil author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Revista Brasileira de Zoologia

Print version ISSN 0101-8175

Rev. Bras. Zool. vol.11 no.4 Curitiba  1994 

Migration of Schistosoma mansoni sambon (Trematoda, Schistosomatidae) from skin to lungs in immunized NZ rabbits (Lagomorpha, Leporidae) by autoradiographic analysis



R. Magalhães PintoI; Dely NoronhaI; Marília S. S. AlmeidaI; Naftale KatzII; Miriam TendlerI

IDepartamento de Helmintologia, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), Caixa Postal 926, 21045-900 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
IICentro de Pesquisas René Rachou (FIOCRUZ), 39220-000 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil




Skin to lung migration of Schistosoma mansoni Sambon, 1907 - (75 Se) - selenomethionine-labeled cercariae was tracked by tissue autoradiography on days 1, 4, 6, 8 after challenge, in rabbits immunized with a S. mansoni derived saline extract. Either in vaccinated animals or in those of the control unprimed group, the peak of skin schistosomula occurs 24hs after infection. Comparison between peaks of lungs migrating larvae showed that, in control animals, the increase of worm burden in this site, is detected on the 6th day post-infection, differing from immunized rabbits, in which this peak occurs on day 4, when skin and lungs counts are still equivalent, decreasing gradually, showing a different pattern of the S. mansoni migration and suggesting that main parasite attrition occurs during the late skin and early lung phases in the immunized group.

Key words: Schistosoma mansoni, migration, autoradiography, immunization, rabbits



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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. To Dr. Nicolau Maués da Serra Freire, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), for the graphic transposition of the results.



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