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Revista Brasileira de Zoologia

Print version ISSN 0101-8175

Rev. Bras. Zool. vol.15 no.4 Curitiba Dec. 1998 

Hematologia comparada entre diplóides e triplóides de truta arco-íris, Oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum (Pisces, Salmonidae)


Comparated hematology between diploids and triploids of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss waibaum (Pisces, Salmonidae)



Maria José Tavares Ranzani-PaivaI,III; Yara Aiko TabataII; Augusta Cocuzza das EirasI

IInstituto de Pesca, Divisão de Pesca Interior. Avenida Francisco Matarazzo455, 05031-900 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil. E-mail:
IIInstituto de Pesca, Estação Experimental de Salmonicultura Dr. Ascânio de Faria. Caixa Postal 361, 12470-000 Campos de Jordão, São Paulo, Brasil
IIIBolsista do CNPq




This Study was carried out at the Salmoniculture Experimental Station "Dr. Ascanio de Faria", in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo. Brazil. The aim was to compared the hematology of triploid and diploid rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792, by sex and gonadal maturation stages. Blood was obtained from 144 individuais for determinati-ons of: haemoglobin rate (Hb), haematocrit (Ht), erythrocyte count (Er), mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MHC), mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), and differential leucocyte counts. The ploid was determinated by measuring the erythrocyte major axis, in fresh and stainncd smears. Triploid rainbow trout had a large eiythrocyte diameter, mean erythrocyte volume and mean haemoglobin concentration, but lower erythrocyte count than diploid. Lymphocytes was the most frequent cell in peripherical blood.There was no dilTerence between males and females for ali parameters here analysed. The haematological analyses showcd signiffleant increase with the dcvelopment of gonadal maturation stages.

Key words: Oncorhynchus mykiss, diploid, triploid, hematolology, rainbow trout.



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AGRADECIMENTOS. As autoras agradecem ao PqC Benedicto do Espírito-Santo de Campos, do Instituto de Zootecnia de São Paulo, pelas análises estatísticas e ao Biólogo Clóvis Guimarães Salinos pelo auxílio nas coletas e nas análises dos resultados.



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Recebido em 29.VIII.1997; aceito em 01.XII.1996.

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