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Revista Brasileira de Zoologia

Print version ISSN 0101-8175

Rev. Bras. Zool. vol.16 no.1 Curitiba Mar. 1999 

Diel feeding chronology of the skate raja Agassizii (Müller & Henle) (Pisces, Elasmobranchii) on the continental shelf off Ubatuba, Southeastern Brazil



Lucy Satiko Hashimoto SoaresI,II; Anna Emilia Amato de Moraes VazzolerI,II; André Roberto CorreaII

IDepartamento de Oceanografia Biológica, Instituto Oceanográfico, Universidade de São Paulo. Caixa Postal 66149, 05508-900 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil
IICNPq grant




The diet and diel feeding pattern of the skate Raja agassizii were investigated through analysis of stomach contents. A total of 280 stomachs were collected by a series of hauls during a daily cycle in three periods, 8-10 January 1987, 22-24 July and 2-4 December 1988, from the inner continental shelf of the coastal ecosystem of Ubatuba, São Paulo State, Brazil (25º35'S; 45º00'W). According to the results of the stomach fullness and of the number of fresh prey, it is suggested that this species presents continuity in the feeding activity during a day. The stomach contents were mainly composed of crustaceans. Nematodes, polychaetes and fishes also occurred. No changes were observed in dietary composition between day and night.

Key words: Rajidae, diel feeding, food habits, marine demersal fish, southwestern Atlantic



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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. This research is part of a Programme of initiative of the Oceanographic Institute (University of São Paulo) to investigate the tropical Atlantic ecosystem. It was made possible through support by CIRM (Interministerial Comission of the Sea Resources). The authors wish to thank Dr. Tania A. S. Brito and Mr Franz Smith for their useful comments and for improving the English. Thanks are also extended to Marcia R. Gasparro for her assistance in preparing tables and figures and for helping with data analyses.



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Recebido em 19.IX.1997; aceito em 03.III.1999.

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