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Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia

Print version ISSN 0102-3616

Rev. bras. ortop. vol.46 no.3 São Paulo  2011 



Lídio Toledo "won various cups"





Lídio Toledo 1933 - 2011.

Born and bred Rio nativeLídio Toledo graduated in 1959 from the College of Medicine and Surgery, Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). He sought out orthopedic knowledge in various places, including working for Jose Luis Bado, in Montevideo, and Prof. Watanabe in Kyoto, when he learned the then modern arthroscopic technique and brought the "Watanabe 21" to Brazil as a pioneer in this technique in Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s. He worked almost his entire professional life at the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, andalso taught courses in medicine and physical education at UFRJ. In his leisure time, he enjoyed relaxing and chattingwith friends on the beach.

Lídio Toledo was synonymous with "Brazilian All-Star Team doctor" for nearly 30 years, and he introduced amore specialized phase of care to athletes after the All-Stars had a general clinic and even a dentist in charge of the medical department. He participated in six World Cups (1970, 1974, 1978, 1990, 1994 and 1998). He therefore "won two cups" as physician for the canarinho (little canary) All-Star Team in 1970 and 1994. Countless stories fill the memories of those who followed his saga alongside the most famous soccer team in the world. He kept defenderBrancoon the squad in 1994 despitehis back pain - he would become one of the heroes of the tetra, with a memorable foul goal. But he pulled Romário on the eve of the French Cup in 1998 because of a calf injury - of course attracted the anger of the press and legions of the idol's fans. Everyone remembers the dismal World Cup final in France when he released Ronaldo to play after his well-known and still controversial cerebral seizure.

Lídio Toledo dedicated 40 years to the medical department of Botafogo, his favorite team. There he treated and became friends with idols such as Garrincha, Zagalo, Paulo César Caju, Manga and others.

With a professional life intensely devoted to the sport, Lídio Toledo lefta veritableheritage of cups, medals, diplomas, pennants, sports jackets, photos, letters, etc. Certainly a rich collection to be cataloged and enjoyed by enthusiasts of the "sport of the masses."

After 1999, Toledo held a permanent chair on FIFA's Sports Medicine Committee and attended semi-annual meetings in Zurich from that time on.

His three sons are orthopedic physicians. They are Luiz Fernando, still in hismedical residency, Lucius Toledo and Lídio Toledo Filho, who at the 2011 ISAKOS Congress recently held in Rio de Janeiro, was awarded as one of the "Top-10 Electronic Posters" for his unpublished work "The first 80 arthroscopic cases of a wheelchair surgeon after spinal cord injury caused by a gunshot."

At the age of 78, Lídio Toledo was a "living legend" of mankind's most popular sport - soccer. Yes, he "won various cups."

Requiescat in pace, Dr. Lídio.

Osvandré Lech

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