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Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular

Print version ISSN 0102-7638

Rev Bras Cir Cardiovasc vol.26 no.1 São José do Rio Preto Jan./Mar. 2011 






In the English version of the Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (25.4), there are the following amendments: 

In the article "A score proposal to evaluate surgical risk in patients submitted to myocardial revascularization surgery", page 447, in Table 3, in the 9th row in the table, where it reads: "> 2,5 mg/dl (or dialysis)"; the correct is "Creatinine > 2.5 mg/dl (or dialysis).

In the article "EuroSCORE and mortality in coronary artery bypass graft surgery at Pernambuco Cardiologic Emergency Medical Services [Pronto Socorro Cardiológico de Pernambuco]", page 474, the correct is "cardiologic" and not "cardiogologic".

Table 1 of the 14th row of the table where it reads "<90 dias", the correct is "<90 days"; 

Table 4, in the 13th row of the table where it reads "<90 days", the correct is "<90 days"; 

Table 5, the 1st and 2nd row of the table where it reads "60 anos", the correct is "60 years"; 

Table 6, in the 8th row of the table where it reads "<90 dias", the correct is "<90 days"; 

Figure 1, it is missing in the image the definition of the horizontal axis (1-Specificity) and the vertical axis (Sensitivity) 

In the article "Relation between respiratory muscle strength with respiratory complication on the heart surgery", page 500, in Table 1, where it reads the words "sim" "não", "complicações respiratórias", the correct is "yes", "no", "respiratory complications";

In the article "Epsilon-aminocaproic acid influence in bleeding and hemotransfusion postoperative in mitral valve surgery", page 510, the correct title is: "Epsilon-aminocaproic acid influence in postoperative bleeding and hemotransfusion in mitral valve surgery" the correct symbol t in the abstract is "CPB" and not "CBP". 

In the article "Cardiovascular behavior during rehabilitation after coronary artery bypass grafting", page 527, the correct title is "Cardiovascular response during rehabilitation after coronary artery bypass grafting".

In the article "Surgical treatment of pulmonary venous baffle obstruction after modified Senning procedure", page 588, the correct title is "Surgical treatment of pulmonary venous tunnel stenosis after modified Senning procedure;

In the article "Lipoma resection of the interventricular septum", page 591, in Figure 2, where it reads "Lipoma resected"; the correct is "Resected lipoma".

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