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Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem

Print version ISSN 0104-0707

Texto contexto - enferm. vol.21 no.1 Florianópolis Jan./Mar. 2012 



Text & context journal: 20 years of contributing to nursing and health sciences



Maria Itayra Coelho de Souza PadilhaI; Flávia Regina Souza RamosII

IEditor of Text & Context Nursing Journal. Professor of the Nursing Department and the Graduate Nursing Program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (PEN/UFSC). Post-Doctorate from the University of Toronto, Canada. Leader of the History of Nursing and Health Care Knowledge Research Group. CNPq Researcher
IIPresident of the Text & Context Nursing Journal Board. Associate Professor of the Nursing Department and Coordinator of the PEN/UFSC. Post-Doctorate from the Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. Leader of the Research Group PRÁXIS - Nucleus of Studies concerning Work, Citizenship, Health and Nursing. CNPq Researcher



20 years of history and running!! Text & Context Nursing Journal, since its creation in 1992, has assumed a clear commitment to the qualified dissemination of scientific production from Brazilian and international Nursing. Since its inception, it has been articulated within the Graduate Nursing Program (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Enfermagem) at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil (PEN/UFSC), with direct and decisive collaboration from diverse partners.

Upon recollecting its evolution, the innovative character of this Journal is undeniable, making its mark early with the first editorial group deciding to establish a thematic journal. Based on important questions within Brazilian nursing and seeking to attend the philosophies of the PEN/UFSC, each issue of the Journal has since dealt with a specific theme, discussing various perspectives and different positions. In the years that have followed, the Journal has outlined many different themes which have thus covered a wide range of theoretical, conceptual, and methodological discussions within nursing and the health sciences.1

After its initial years, the journal went from being published bi-annually (1992-1996) to tri-annually (1997-2002), and since 2003 has consolidated itself as a quarterly journal. Thus, it has defined itself to respond to the large demand of submitted manuscripts, to recommendations from developmental organizations, and the necessary increase of opportunities from vehicles to disseminate knowledge produced in Nursing and related areas.

Another important and essential decision within the editorial policy of Text & Context Nursing Journal has been the evolution to a multi-thematic publication, after the 18 year experiment (1992-2009) of focusing upon a specific topic for each issue.1 This change sought to accompany the vertiginous growth of solicitations for submission over recent years and to amplify the possibilities of socializing the scientific information arising from the diverse areas of Nursing and Health Care.2

Currently, the journal is characterized as an internationally circulating journal, with its importance recognized especially concerning its impact in presenting products and evaluating Brazilian Graduate Nursing Programs.

From its creation to December of 2011, 20 volums containing 73 issues - 64 regular issues and 9 special editions - have been published. In doing so, 1629 articles in the form of original articles, reflections, experiment reports, literature reviews, reviews, and previews have been published and presented in Text & Context Nursing Journal. Without a doubt, these articles have profoundly impacted nursing and health care scientific production over these years. Beyond the printed version, an online version of the journal has been available since 2006, providing complete texts at its own virtual domain ( In 2006, the Journal also began to integrate the Nursing Health Care Virtual Library Portal (Portal da Biblioteca Virtual da Saúde (BVS) - Enfermagem - It also became part of the SciELO Brasil ( collection, with its texts available in their entirety without charge, as of September of 2007.

Another essential change made in the quest to maintain and improve the quality of Text & Context Nursing Journal, as well as to adhere to the editorial policy of the journal was the modification in 2010 of the journal's steering group. In 2010, the steering group began to count upon associated editors in order to amplify the qualitative support for the Editor. In other words, the functions of Submissions Editor, Manuscript Selection Editor, and Text and Layout Editor were created. Complementing this decision was the introduction of a pre-analysis of submitted manuscripts, which benefits both the authors and the journal's editors. Authors are benefitted in receiving a decision concerning the acceptance or not of their manuscripts over a shorter period, and editors are benefitted in selecting Ad Hoc consultants.

Seeking to accompany the tendencies observed among journal with greater impact, Text & Context Nursing Journal has been affecting important changes to its editorial policy since the end of 2011. Such changes will permit increased visibility, citation, and impact for and from the journal. In this sense, the new policy will take effect with the publication of the first issue of 2012. Essentially, the changes are: 1 - All articles will be made available online in two languages, one of which will be English; and 2 - As of the 3rd issue of 2012, Text & Context Nursing Journal will be available only in its online format.

We understand that scientific periodicals also have the responsibility to offer to its readers original articles which truly contain innovation, clear propositions, theoretical contributions, and practical and effective results which may be replicated successfully all over Brazil and internationally. Upon selecting original articles for quarterly publication of each issue, Text & Context Nursing Journal reaffirms its commitment to this very ideal3.

We reiterate that the Journal has been and continues to be the result of the collective effort that it engenders and moves it, with the quality it deserves. Our tribute and thanks are extended to all those who have participated and who participate in this construction, especially to its governing body, represented by the teaching nurses of PEN/UFSC, from its beginnings to the present day.



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