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vol.47 issue1Vertical distribution of macrobenthic animais in bottom sediments in the estuarine region of Cananéia, southern BrazilA critical review about the knowledge of the present sedimentation of the State of São Paulo, Brazil author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Revista Brasileira de Oceanografia

Print version ISSN 1413-7739

Rev. Bras. Oceanogr. vol.47 no.1 São Paulo  1999 



A bleaching event on a Brazilian coral reef



Clovis B. Castro; Débora O. Pires

Museu Nacional da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Departamento de Invertebrados (Quinta da Boa Vista s/n°, 20940-040, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil)



Full text available only in PDF format.



We are indebted. to: Or. P. S. Young (Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro - MNRJ), Or. R Buddemeier (University of Kansas), and Or. T. J. Goreau (Global Coral Reef Alliance), for access to discussions and papers; J. O. Nascimento (Observatório NacionaVCNPq), for data on sunrise and sunset hours; Or. P. S. Young, C. C. Ratto, and C. A. Echeverría, for assistance in the field; Or. R W: Reynólds'(NOAA), for help in obtaining SST data; Or. J. C. Creê'd and G. W. Nunan (MNRJ), for help with the final English version; CNPq, FAPERJ, FUJB, and UFRJ, for grants to of Laboratory.



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(Manuscript received 26 March 1998; revised 24 August 1998; accepted 11 March 1999)

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