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vol.33 issue4In silico identification of coffee genome expressed sequences potentially associated with resistance to diseases author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Genetics and Molecular Biology

Print version ISSN 1415-4757

Genet. Mol. Biol. vol.33 no.4 São Paulo  2010 



Imad Zein, Mohammed Jawhar and Mohammed Imad Eddin Arabi. Efficiency of IRAP and ITS-RFLP marker systems in accessing genetic variation of Pyrenophora graminea. Genetics and Molecular Biology 33(2), 328-332, 2010



Correction for reference Bernardes et al. (2007); the correct reference is: Chadha S and Gopalakrishna T (2007) Comparative assessment of REMAP and ISSR marker assays for genetic polymorphism studies in Magnaporthe grisea. Curr Sci 93:688-692.

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