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vol.9 issue3A review on the development and properties of continuous fiber/epoxy/aluminum hybrid composites for aircraft structures author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Materials Research

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Mat. Res. vol.9 no.3 São Carlos July/Sept. 2006 



Materials Research - Ibero-american Journal of Materials

Judicious, fair and educative!



This issue of Materials Research includes 15 articles selected from regular submissions in the period 2005 -2006. Most of these papers were submitted in electronic format, and were then e-mailed to two referees each, the reviews were received by e-mail, and it all worked quite well. Therefore the procedures necessary to assemble the present issue were largely carried out via e-mail. We are now testing a software system for on-line submission with obvious advantages to authors and editors.

The next issue of Materials Research will also be composed of regular articles. Sixty articles are being reviewed at present. In parallel, we are processing about 20 papers presented in a biomaterials conference, COLAOB (Congresso latinoamericano de orgãos artificiais e biomateriais) held in Caxambú, Brazil, August, 2006. In November we will start to select papers to assemble a special issue from the 17th CBECIMAT (Brazilian Congress on Materials Science and Engineering) to be held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. In summary, we can safely say that we have more than enough papers to produce the next three issues of Mat. Res.

The financial support from Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais, Universidade Federal de São Carlos - DEMa/UFSCar for mailing expenses; from Laboratório de Materiais Vítreos - LaMaV/UFSCar for fax and telephone expenses; from Núcleo de Informação Tecnológica - NIT/UFSCar for the maintenance of our site are gratefully acknowledged. Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia e Materiais – ABM - has steadily provided for substantial part of the editorial assistant's salary. The secretaries of Associação Brasileira de Cerâmica - ABC, Associação Brasileira de Polímeros – ABPol, and ABM have helped advertising Materials Research as well with the management of its subscriptions and financial resources.


Edgar Dutra Zanotto
September 30, 2006

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