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Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte

Print version ISSN 1517-8692

Rev Bras Med Esporte vol.17 no.2 São Paulo Mar./Apr. 2011 



Tribute to Maria Augusta Peduti Dal Molin Kiss



Brazilians usually pay tribute to personalities who are no longer among us. The Brazilian Society of Sports Medicine and Exercise (SBMEE) this time honors one of the pillars who made and still make Sports Medicine and Exercise Science reach to what it is nowadays.

Due to current legislation, Maria Augusta is retiring from her faculty life in March, 2011, at the University of São Paulo (USP), since she has reached the age of compulsory retirement.

Maria Augusta, better known among her colleagues and students as by the loving nickname of Mariau, was born in São Paulo on April 6, 1941. She is a daughter of a couple of physicians who got a degree in 1938 from the Medicine College at the University of São Paulo, Dr. Rubens Dal Molin and Dra. Clara Peduti Dal Molin.

From her first years of study, she has always had excellent grades and was a brilliant student, going to Padre Anchieta and Presidente Roosevelt Schools, entering the Medicine College at USP in 1959, and having graduated in 1964. In 1966 she graduated in Medicine with Specialization in Physical Education from the Physical Education School at USP (currently Physical Education and Sports School).

Married to the coloproctologist Dr. Desidério Roberto Kiss, Professor of the Medicine College at USP, she has a daughter, dentist Katia Regina Dal Molin Kiss and a granddaughter, Luiza Pinheiro, aged two and a half years.

She entered the faculty career in the Physical Education School at USP in October 28, 1967, becoming a full professor in October 23, 1990 and having been elected Vice-Director in November, 2010.

She had been a professor in the Physical Education, Sports Technique and Medicine Specialized in Physical Education courses from 1967 (later named Sports Medicine), having graduated hundreds of doctors specialized in Sports Medicine and Exercise Sciences.

She got a Doctorade in Science (General Physiology) at USP in 1972, presenting the work "Training Effect on the Cardiovascular Condition of Female Athletes Aged 13-15 Years", having as an advisor Dr. Mario Carvalho Pini, Founder of the SBMEE. In 1974, she pursued a Post-Doctorate at USP in Health Sciences in the Physical Education field. In 1985, she received her habilitation degree (Livre-Docência) from USP, presenting the thesis "Systemic Assessment of the Formation of Human Resources for Research in Physical Education and Sports. Applicability of the Delfos Technique for Reference Construction", being currently full professor, mainly acting in the following fields: Assessment of Sports Performance, Bioenergetics, Metabolic Thresholds, Oxygen Maximal Consumption and Kinetics of the Oxygen Consumption. She is currently Coordinator of the Laboratory of Sports Performance (LADESP).

Besides her teaching activities of graduation of Physical Education professors and Physicians Specialized in Sports Medicine, she participated in several activities such as the coordination of research projects, books and articles for journals publishing, work and free topics presentation in congresses, participation in classes and roundtable discussions in courses and congresses, participation in examining committee of dissertations, doctorates and doctorate"s qualifying, judging committee in public contests and habilitation degrees as well as participation and organization of scientific events in the fields of Physical Education and Sports Medicine and Exercise Sciences.

In the field of Sports Medicine, she has always actively participated in the Medicine Applied to Physical Education Society of São Paulo (Sports Medicine Society of São Paulo now - SPAMDE) and in the Brazilian Federation of Sports Medicine (Brazilian Society of Exercise and Sports Medicine now - SBMEE), being currently a member of the Editors Board of the Brazilian Journal of Sports Medicine (Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte) (RBME).

In November, 1973 she participated in a historic Assembly of the Society of Medicine Applied to Physical Education of São Paulo and with some colleagues, namely Ruben Pimenta da Silva, Mario Carvalho Pini, João Gilberto Carazzato, Reynaldo Kuntz Bush, Luciano Theobaldo Baccalá, Rubens Lombardi Rodrigues, Hartmuth Heinrich Grabert, Fernando Boccolini, Raymond Victor Hegg, João Longo, Héldio Fortunato Gaspar de Freitas, Victor Keihan Rodrigues Matsudo and Osmar Pereira Soares de Oliveira, set new routes to the Sports Medicine in São Paulo. In the Brazilian scenario, she participated in the redesigning of the Brazilian Federation of Sports Medicine together with Waldemar Areno, Maurício Rocha, Eduardo Henrique de Rose, José Luiz Fraccaroli and José Rizzo Pinto.

Knowing Maria Augusta as we do, we are positive that, despite being functionally away from her faculty activities with the Physical Education and Sports School at USP, she will still remain passing her knowledge along to many in the fields of Physical Education and Sports Medicine, although she can enjoy her extra time to dedicate to gardening, reading and mainly to interact with her granddaughter Luiza.

Mariau, it is with lots of affection and respect that the Exercise and Sports Medicine acknowledges your brilliant collaboration. Thank you very much for everything!

Board of Directors - SBMEE



Text: Héldio Fortunato Gaspar de Freitas

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