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Brazilian Journal of Biology

Print version ISSN 1519-6984

Braz. J. Biol. vol.70 no.4 São Carlos Nov. 2010 

Different environments: different fishing strategies



Brazilian researchers Gildo Coelho Bastos e Miguel Petrere Jr. studied the small-scale fishing fleet in Florianópolis (SC) and found strong differences between the fishing areas used by the fishers and between their vessels, which allowed the identification of two fishing fleets operating in the region.

The researchers conducted seasonal sampling during 2008 in the main artisanal fishing communities in the region. They interviewed local fishers getting information about the principal species, the boats and fishing gear used and the procedures adopted after the catch.

Numeric differences between two fishing areas – bays and open sea – were detected, considering the species caught, the harvest time and the fishing gear used. The open sea fishers have boats with dimensions, engine power, number of crew and fuel consumption numerically higher than those working in bays.

This study was published in the Brazilian Journal of Biology, in November 2010. Their results make contributions to the knowledge about traditional fishing practiced in the State of Santa Catarina.



Gildo Coelho Bastos
Centro de Recursos Hídricos e Ecologia Aplicada – CRHEA, USP

Miguel Petrere Jr.
Departamento de Ecologia, UNESP

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