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Brazilian Journal of Biology

Print version ISSN 1519-6984

Braz. J. Biol. vol.72 no.3 São Carlos Aug. 2012 



The conservation of Neotropical Biodiversity: the road to sustainability



Ecological diversity is the basis for the stability of ecosystems. The viability and dynamics of the functioning of ecosystems is dependent upon the interactions of the biogeochemical and biological components. More stability is gained with higher biodiversity.

The reduction of biodiversity impairs ecosystem functioning, interferes with the hydrological and biogeochemical cycles and reduces the productivity of ecosystems. This is why the conservation of Neotropical biodiversity is fundamental for the sustainability of ecosystems in this biome. Efforts for biodiversity conservation in the Neotropics are therefore the way forward for sustainability. Maintenance of riparian forests, mosaics of vegetation and corridors of vegetation is therefore of fundamental relevance. Without robust biodiversity, forests, biomes, interrelationships and freshwater replenishment will all be at risk. Food production depends on water (surface and groundwater). And water depends upon forests to replenish atmospheric components and groundwater. Biodiversity and forests are thus dynamic components of the water cycle. A lesson for those who are changing the Forest Code of Brazil and threatening sustainability by removing forests and reducing biodiversity


José Galizia Tundisi
Editorial Board
Brazilian Journal of Biology


The Editorial Board of the Brazilian Journal of Biology, sadly regrets to inform all members of the biological community of scientists the death of Dr. Sônia Machado Campos Dietrich a very important member of the Scientific Society and of our Advisory Board.


Editorial Board

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