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Jornal Vascular Brasileiro

Print version ISSN 1677-5449

J. vasc. bras. vol.11 no.2 Porto Alegre Apr./June 2012 



The history of Jornal Vascular Brasileiro



Telmo P. Bonamigo

Professor of Vascular Surgery at Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre (UFCSPA) - Porto Alegre (SC), Brazil.



The first challenge in Dr. Marcio Meirelles' direction of the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (SBAVC) was to create the Jornal Vascular Brasileiro (JVB) as the official entity for scientific disclosure.

The president managed to work on the Project, and I decided we could not waste any time. In three months, the ISSN had been approved under the registration number of 1677-5449, and the Editorial Board and team of International Consultants had been formed.

The SBACV, through its directorate and supported by the Superior Council and the vascular surgery community, promoted the policy of scientific publishing encouragement among its associates as one of the most important goals for the 2001-2003 management, and considering it a medium to long-term investment.

The first issue of the Journal was published in June 2002. It had 88 pages and many colleagues contributed with their excellent papers.

We were supported by Scientific, a company from Porto Alegre whose staff is highly skilled, with over ten years of experience in the publication of Revista de Pediatria da Sociedade Brasileira, which made our work much easier.

The Society had also decided that J Vasc Br was supposed to increase its range by being divulged to all of the associates and residents in all services, for they would be the newest associates within a year or two.

The JVB also started being made available in English on-line, with the identification ISSN 1677-7301, aiming at making the Brazilian scientific production on vascular surgery accessible to the world.

It is worth emphasizing that the SBACV directorate considered the journal as an investment associated with specialties related to ours, for other professionals usually need to refer patients from their services to the care of vascular surgeons. The material from the Forum on Diabetes was sent to 3 thousand endocrinologists, and the Thromboembolism Guidelines were sent to 2.8 thousand Pulmonologists.

As an important phase of our work has been concluded, in the condition of editor-in-chief of the journal, I find important to say that the dose of inspiration for the creation of this publication and all the effort put in the works to achieve it were big enough to enable this project of SBACV. If anybody were to ask if it was worth the effort, I would say it was! The feeling of mission accomplished for the benefit of our community is amazing.

I wish that the JVB, now that it turned ten years old, keep growing up with the support of more colleagues and their contributions, and that all the SBACV associates, as well as the current residents, be able to receive the issues of our journal by direct means, at their addresses, because they will be the members of this team in a near future.

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