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SILVA, Josiane Aparecida Gonçalina da et al. Genes termorregulados diferencialmente expressos em Conidiobolus lamprauges. Cienc. Rural [online]. 2012, vol.42, n.9, pp.1610-1613.  Epub July 31, 2012. ISSN 0103-8478.


Experiment identify genes with differential expression in Conidiobolus lamprauges



Researchers from Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil, identified genes with differential expression regulated by temperature in the fungus Conidiobolus lamprauges. The study was published in the Ciência Rural journal, v.42, n.9, of September 2012.

The study identified genes differentially expressed in C. lamprauges grown at 30° and 37 ° C using the technique of Representational Difference Analysis (RDA). After analysis and sequencing of a set of 120 cDNAs, researchers have identified a glycolytic enzyme, enolase, expressed at 37 ° C. This gene has functions related to the process of pathogenic infection in various pathogenic microorganisms, with a potential for virulence of the fungus.

The research breaks new ground by studying the pathogenicity of the fungus Conidiobolus lamprauges, still little studied in Brazil. According to the researcher Valéria Dutra, the study of potential virulence factors of this fungus has not been addressed by other researchers of the area. The researcher said that protein enolase, studied in the experiment, can be used in diagnostic tests and the production of vaccines to combat conidiobolomycosis in sheep.



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