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Cienc. Rural vol.43 no.6 Santa Maria June 2013


Research determines occurrence of E.coli on an exporter slaughterhouse



Researchers from Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, and of Federal Inspection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply  of Brazil demonstrated the occurrence profile of E.coli in beef carcasses in routine activities of a slaughterhouse. The study is published in Ciência Rural journal, v.43, n.6, of June 2013.

The study aimed to identify possible changes in year 2010 for the occurrence of E. coli in bovine carcasses in an export establishment under federal inspection. For this, the researchers collected 1111 swabs surface of half-carcases of beef, which were analyzed by the methodology Petrifi lm™. The occurrence found was of 4.4%, not significantly affected by the dry and rainy seasons. The highest occurrences were observed in September (8.7%) and October (16.7%).

According to researcher Leandro Casagrande, the highest occurrence of the micro-organism may have been influenced by the feedlot systems, because there was a greater slaughter of animals confined in the months of September and October. "We can also relate the E.coli to the operational procedures, as there is a significantly greater frequency of the microorganism in the first round of slaughter compared to the second," says the researcher.

In practice, the identification of the occurrence of the micro-organism in particular establishment serves as basis for the entire reduction program of pathogens. The study also serves as a warning so that government agencies pay attention to the necessity of determining a national occurrence of E. coli. "The verification of national occurrence of this micro-organism help subsidize governmental actions for improvement and verification processes in slaughterhouses," says Leandro.



Leandro Casagrande
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