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CATTANI, Cristhiane Stecanella de Oliveira; FUCHS, Pedro Ivo Pinheiro; CIROLINI, Andréia  and  VIEIRA, Cleide Rosana Werneck. Métodos alternativos para contagem de micro-organismos em carcaças suínas. Cienc. Rural [online]. 2013, vol.43, n.6, pp.1031-1036.  Epub May 28, 2013. ISSN 1678-4596.


Research tests efficiency of alternative methods for diagnosis of microorganisms in swine carcasses



Researchers from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, demonstrated that sistems Petrifilm™ (3M) and TEMPO® (bioMeriéux) are effective as alternative methods for the diagnosis of Escherichia coli, enterobacteria and mesophilic microorganisms in swine carcasses. The study was published in Ciência Rural journal, v.43, n.6, of June 2013.

The study aimed to determine and compare the correlation and the processing time of the conventional method with alternative methodologies. For this, the researchers selected samples from the surface of swine carcasses in an abattoir with Federal Inspection in the State of Santa Catarina. The count of mesophilic microorganisms, Enterobacteriaceae and Escherichia coli were performed by assays performed with the alternative methods and the conventional method. The results observed by researchers was the reduction of perform tests time using alternative methodologies and positive correlation between these methodologies.

For the researcher Cristhiane Cattani, the study shows that alternative methodologies provide gain to the production process of industries that slaughter and process swine, by the speed in getting the results of microbiological analysis. "There is a process optimization for the pork industry, which requires fast and accurate laboratory results," she says.



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