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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
versión On-line ISSN 1678-2690


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An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. v.76 n.2 Rio de Janeiro jun. 2004

 Biological Sciences
 ·  Advances in bioacoustics
Vielliard, Jacques M.E.

 ·  Innateness and the instinct to learn
Marler, Peter

 ·  From birdsong to speech: a plea for comparative approaches
Todt, Dietmar

 ·  Rules of song development and their use in vocal interactions by birds with large repertoires
Geberzahn, Nicole; Hultsch, Henrike

 ·  Approaches to the mechanisms of song memorization and singing provide evidence for a procedural memory
Hultsch, Henrike; Todt, Dietmar

 ·  Evidence of tutoring in the development of subsong in newly-fledged Meyer's Parrots Poicephalus meyeri
Masin, Simone; Massa, Renato; Bottoni, Luciana

 ·  A memory like a female Fur Seal: long-lasting recognition of pup's voice by mothers
Mathevon, Nicolas; Charrier, Isabelle; Aubin, Thierry

 ·  Identification and analysis of vocal communication pathways in birds through inducible gene expression
Mello, Claudio V.

 ·  Vocal mechanisms in birds and bats: a comparative view
Suthers, Roderick A.

 ·  Combination sensitivity and processing of communication calls in the inferior colliculus of the Moustached Bat Pteronotus parnellii
Portfors, Christine V.

 ·  Are communication activities shaped by environmental constraints in reverberating and absorbing forest habitats?
Manthevon, Nicolas; Aubin, Thierry; Dabelsteen, Torben; Vielliar, Jacques M.E.

 ·  Degradation of song in a species using nesting holes: the Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca
Lampe, Helene M.; Dabelsteen, Torben; Larsen, Ole N.; Pedersen, Simon B.

 ·  Does the environment constrain avian sound localization?
Larsen, Ole N.

 ·  Strategies that facilitate or counter eavesdropping on vocal interactions in songbirds
Dabelsteen, Torben

 ·  Penguins and their noisy world
Aubin, Thierry

 ·  Tonal vocalizations in a noisy environment: an approach to their semi-automatic analysis and examples of its application
Mundry, Roger; Sommer, Christian

 ·  Causes and consequences of song amplitude adjustment in a territorial bird: a case study in nightingales
Brumm, Henrik

 ·  Evolution of acoustic communication in crickets: phylogeny of Eneopterinae reveals an adaptive radiation involving high-frequency calling (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Eneopteridae)
Robillard, Tony; Desutter-Grandcolas, Laure

 ·  Acoustic evolution in crickets: need for phylogenetic study and a reappraisal of signal effectiveness
Desutter-Grandcolas, Laure; Robillard, Tony

 ·  Bioacoustic investigations and taxonomic considerations on the Cicadetta montana species complex (Homoptera: Cicadoidea: Tibicinidae)
Gogala, Matija; Trilar, Tomi

 ·  Complex communication signals: the case of the Blue-black Grassquit Volatinia jacarina (Aves, Emberizidae) song. Part I - A structural analysis
Fandiño-Mariño, Hernán; Vielliard, Jacques M.E.

 ·  How a simple and stereotyped acoustic signal transmits individual information: the song of the White-browed Warbler Basileuterus leucoblepharus
Aubin, Thierry; Mathevon, Nicolas; Silva, Maria Luisa da; Vielliard, Jacques M.E.; Sebe, Frederic

 ·  Comparative analysis of the song of the Rufous-collared Sparrow Zonotrichia capensis (Emberizidae) between Campinas and Botucatu, São Paulo State, Brazil
Avelino, Márcio F.; Vielliard, Jacques M.E.

 ·  Acoustic communication in the Red-vented Bulbul Pycnonotus cafer
Kumar, Anil

 ·  Variation in the behavioral responses of Budgerigars Melopsittacus undulatus to an alarm call in relation to sex and season
Nicolas, Gérard; Fraigneau, Cloé; Aubin, Thierry

 ·  Modulation by steroid hormones of a ''sexy'' acoustic signal in an Oscine species, the Common Canary Serinus canaria
Rybak, Fanny; Gahr, Manfred

 ·  Isolation induced changes in Guinea Pig Cavia porcellus pup distress whistles
Monticelli, Patrícia F.; Tokumaru, Rosana S.; Ades, César

 ·  The song of the Brazilian population of Humpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliae, in the year 2000: individual song variations and possible implications
Arraut, Eduardo M.; Vielliard, Jacques M.E.

 ·  Analysis of whistles produced by the Tucuxi Dolphin Sotalia fluviatilis from Sepetiba Bay, Brazil
Erber, Claudia; Simão, Sheila M.

 ·  Differences in the whistle characteristics and repertoire of Bottlenose and Spinner Dolphins
Bazúa-Durán, Carmen

 ·  Long-distance calls in Neotropical primates
Oliveira, Dilmar A.G.; Ades, César

 ·  Vocal sequential exchanges and intragroup spacing in the Northern Muriqui Brachyteles arachnoides hypoxanthus
Mendes, Francisco D.C.; Ades, César

 ·  Bioacoustics of human whistled languages: an alternative approach to the cognitive processes of language
Meyer, Julien

 ·  Communication by unvoiced speech: the role of whispering
Cirillo, Jasmin

 ·  Bits and q-bits as versatility measures
Piqueira, José R.C.

 ·  Species richness and relative abundance of birds in natural and anthropogenic fragments of Brazilian Atlantic forest
Anjos, Luiz dos

 ·  Automated bioacoustic identification of species
Chesmore, David

 ·  Identification of Tibicen cicada species by a Principal Components Analysis of their songs
Ohya, Eiji

 ·  Application of automated bioacoustic identification in environmental education and assessment
Oba, Teruyo

 ·  Compact and user-friendly ultrasound acquisition systems optimized for field recording
Specht, Raimund

 ·  Natural sound archives: past, present and future
Ranft, Richard