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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
On-line version ISSN 1678-2690


Table of contents
An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. vol.76 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Dec. 2004

 Mathematical Sciences
 ·  Cones in the Euclidean space with vanishing scalar curvature
Barbosa, João Lucas M.; Carmo, Manfredo do

 ·  A relation between the right triangle and circular tori with constant mean curvature in the unit 3-sphere
Barros, Abdênago

 ·  Numbers for reducible cubic scrolls
Vainsencher, Israel; Xavier, Fernando

 Chemical Sciences
 ·  Flavonoids from Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus
Magalhães, Aderbal F.; Tozzi, Ana M.G.A.; Magalhães, Eva G.; Blanco, Ivani S.; Soriano, Maria-Del-Pilar C.

 Biological Sciences
 ·  On the geographical differentiation of Gymnodactylus geckoides Spix, 1825 (Sauria, Gekkonidae): speciation in the Brasilian caatingas
Vanzolini, Paulo Emilio

 ·  Inactivation of yeast inorganic pyrophosphatase by organic solvents
Grazinoli-Garrido, Rodrigo; Sola-Penna, Mauro

 Biomedical and Medical Sciences
 ·  Clinical and laboratory aspects of common variable immunodeficiency
Kokron, Cristina M.; Errante, Paolo R.; Barros, Myrthes T.; Baracho, Gisele V.; Camargo, Maristela M.; Kalil, Jorge; Rizzo, Luiz V.

 ·  Overview of genotypic and clinical profiles of human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Machado, Elizabeth S.; Lambert, John S.; Afonso, Adriana O.; Cunha, Silvia M.; Oliveira, Ricardo H.; Tanuri, Amilcar; Sill, Anne M.; Soares, Marcelo A.

 ·  Gap junctions in hematopoietic stroma control proliferation and differentiation of blood cell precursors
Bodi, Estevão; Hurtado, Sandra P.; Carvalho, Marcelo A.; Borojevic, Radovan; Carvalho, Antônio C. Campos de

 ·  Solvent-related chronic toxic encephalopathy as a target in the worker's mental health research
Ramos, Andréia; Jardim, Silvia R.; Silva Filho, João F.

 Earth Sciences
 ·  The southern Araçuaí belt and the Dom Silvério Group: geologic architecture and tectonic significance
Peres, Guilherme G.; Alkimim, Fernando F.; Jordt-Evangelista, Hanna

 ·  Facies analysis of the Codó Formation (Late Aptian) in the Grajaú Area, Southern São Luís-Grajaú Basin
Rossetti, Dilce F.; Paz, Jackson D.S.; Góes, Ana M.

 ·  The 1590-1520 Ma Cachoeirinha magmatic arc and its tectonic implications for the Mesoproterozoic SW Amazonian craton crustal evolution
Ruiz, Amarildo S.; Geraldes, Mauro C.; Matos, João B.; Teixeira, Wilson; Van Schumus, William R.; Schmitt, Renata S.

 Engineering Sciences
 ·  The effect of precursors salts on surface state of Pd/Al2O3 and Pd/CeO2/Al2O3 catalysts
Guimarães, André L.; Dieguez, Lídia C.; Schmal, Martin