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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
On-line version ISSN 1678-2690


Table of contents
An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. vol.77 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Mar. 2005

 Mathematical Sciences
 ·  Invariants of germs of analytic differential equations in the complex plane
Câmara, Leonardo M.

 ·  On the patterns of principal curvature lines around a curve of umbilic points
Garcia, Ronaldo; Sotomayor, Jorge

 Chemical Sciences
 ·  Morphosynthesis: high fidelity inorganic replica of the fibrous network of loofa sponge (Luffa cylindrica)
Mazali, Italo O.; Alves, Oswaldo L.

 Biological Sciences
 ·  Animal-based medicines: biological prospection and the sustainable use of zootherapeutic resources
Costa-Neto, Eraldo M.

 ·  Determining sexual dimorphism in frog measurement data: integration of statistical significance, measurement error, effect size and biological significance
Hayek, Lee-Ann C.; Heyer, W. Ronald

 ·  Mammalian cell invasion and intracellular trafficking by Trypanosoma cruzi infective forms
Mortara, Renato A.; Andreoli, Walter K.; Taniwaki, Noemi N.; Fernandes, Adriana B.; Silva, Claudio V. da; Fernandes, Maria Cecília D.C.; L'abbate, Carolina; Silva, Solange da

 Biomedical and Medical Sciences
 ·  Screening for CLCN5 mutation in renal calcium stone formers patients
Rebelo, Maria Alice P.; Tostes, Vera; Araújo, Nordeval C.; Martini, Sabrina V.; Botelho, Bruno F.; Guggino, William B.; Morales, Marcelo M.

 ·  A reassessment of the role of serotonergic system in the control of feeding behavior
Medeiros, Magda A.; Costa-e-Sousa, Ricardo H.; Olivares, Emerson L.; Côrtes, Wellington S.; Reis, Luís C.

 ·  Bacillus subtilis as a tool for vaccine development: from antigen factories to delivery vectors
Ferreira, Luís C.S.; Ferreira, Rita C.C.; Schumann, Wolfgang

 Earth Sciences
 ·  SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating of Pedras Grandes Suite, southern Santa Catarina State, Brazil
Jelinek, Andréa R.; Bastos-Neto, Artur C.; Leite, Jayme A.D.; Hartmann, Léo A.; McNaughton, Neal J.

 ·  C- and Sr-isotope stratigraphy of the São Caetano complex, Northeastern Brazil: a contribution to the study of the Meso-Neoproterozoic seawater geochemistry
Silva, Juan C.; Sial, Alcides N.; Ferreira, Valderez P.; Pimentel, Márcio M.

 ·  Coricladus quiteriensis gen. et sp. nov., a new conifer in Southern-Brazil Gondwana (Lower Permian, Paraná Basin)
Jasper, André; Ricardi-Branco, Fresia; Guerra-Sommer, Margot

 ·  Mineral chemistry of tantalate species new in the Borborema Pegmatitic Province, Northeast Brazil
Beurlen, Hartmut; Soares, Dwight R.; Thomas, Rainer; Prado-Borges, Lucila E.; Castro, Cláudio de