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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
Print version ISSN 0001-3765


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An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. vol.84 no.4 Rio de Janeiro Dec. 2012

 Editorial Note
 ·  Nutritional value of banana inflorescences, study about transfer mechanisms of iron across the placenta, and new cytogenetic studies of Lippia (Verbenaceae) species from Brazil
Kellner, Alexander W. A.

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 Mathematical Sciences
 ·  On groups of formal diffeomorphisms of several complex variables
Martelo, Mitchael; Scárdua, Bruno

 Chemical Sciences
 ·  Study of the Cu, Mn, Pb and Zn dynamics in soil, plants and bee pollen from the region of Teresina (PI), Brazil
Silva, Aline S.; Araújo, Sebastião B.; Souza, Darcet C.; Silva, Fábio A. Santos e

 ·  The natural impact of banana inflorescences (Musa acuminata) on human nutrition
Fingolo, Catharina E.; Braga, João M.A.; Vieira, Ana C.M.; Moura, Mirian R.L.; Kaplan, Maria Auxiliadora C.

 ·  In vitro antimalarial activity of six Aspidosperma species from the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Dolabela, Maria Fâni; Oliveira, Salma G.; Peres, José M.; Nascimento, José M.S.; Póvoa, Marinete M.; Oliveira, Alaide B.

 Earth Sciences
 ·  Biogeochemistry of REE elements and tetrad effect in the soil-plant system: a study on volcanic rock covers in southernmost Brazil
Cunha, Maria do Carmo Lima e; Nardi, Lauro V.S.; Muller, Ingke F.

 ·  Influence of land use changes on water chemistry in streams in the State of São Paulo, southeast Brazil
Silva, Daniela M.L.; Camargo, Plínio B.; Mcdowell, William H.; Vieira, Ivan; Salomão, Marcos S.M.B.; Martinelli, Luiz A.

 ·  A comparison for a multiscale study of structural lineaments in southern Brazil: LANDSAT-7 ETM+ and shaded relief images from SRTM3-DEM
Jacques, Patricia D.; Machado, Romulo; Nummer, Alexis R.

 Biological Sciences
 ·  Hematological parameters of Iranian cichlid Iranocichla hormuzensis: Coad, 1982 (Perciformes) in Mehran River
Daneshvar, Ehsan; Ardestani, Mahsa Y.; Dorafshan, Salar; Martins, Mauricio L.

 ·  Ultrastructural studies on the sporogenous tissue and anther wall of Leucojum aestivum (amaryllidaceae) in different developmental stages
Ekici, Nuran; Dane, Feruzan

 ·  Leaf anatomy and its contribution to the systematics of Aechmea subgenus Macrochordion (de Vriese) Baker (Bromeliaceae)
Faria, Ana Paula G. de; Vieira, Ana Claudia M.; Wendt, Tânia

 ·  Anatomy and morphometric aspects of the trachea of Saimiri sciureus Linnaeus, 1758: knowledge for emergency procedures
Pinheiro, Luane L.; Lima, Ana R.; Muniz, José A.P.C.; Imbeloni, Aline; Fioreto, Emerson T.; Fontes, Rodrigo F.; Cabral, Rosa; Branco, Érika

 ·  Population Structure of Lutjanus purpureus (Lutjanidae - Perciformes) on the Brazilian coast: further existence evidence of a single species of red snapper in the western Atlantic
Gomes, Grazielle; Sampaio, Iracilda; Schneider, Horacio

 ·  Acute toxicity and histopathology in ornamental fish amazon bluespotted corydora (Corydoras melanistius) exposed to formalin
Santos, Rudã F.B.; Dias, Henrique M.; Fujimoto, Rodrigo Y.

 ·  Acute toxicity of sodium metabisulphite on mangrove crab Ucides cordatus (Decapoda, Ucididae)
Pedale, Adriana B.; Fujimoto, Rodrigo Y.; Santos, Rudã F.B.; Abrunhosa, Fernando A.

 ·  Morphological and morphometric variability of the squid Lolliguncula brevis (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) in Brazilian waters: evidence for two species in the western atlantic?
Zaleski, Tânia; Perez, José A. Angel; Gandara-Martins, Ana luiza

 ·  Karyological studies in Brazilian species of Lippia L. (Verbenaceae)
Sousa, Saulo M.; Torres, Giovana A.; Viccini, Lyderson F.

 ·  Carajathemis simone, new genus and species from Brazil (Odonata: Libellulidae)
Machado, Angelo B.M.

 ·  Capture techniques' use of Caranguejo-uçá crabs (Ucides cordatus) in Paraíba state (northeastern Brazil) and its socio-environmental implications
Nascimento, Douglas M.; Ferreira, Emmanoela N.; Bezerra, Dandara M.M.S.Q.; Rocha, Pollyana D.; Alves, Rômulo R.N.; Mourão, José S.

 ·  Toxicity of neem's oil, a potential biocide against the invasive mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker 1857)
Pereyra, Patricio J.; Rossini, Gustavo B.; Darrigran, Gustavo

 ·  Essential oil of Mitracarpus frigidus as a potent source of bioactive compounds
Fabri, Rodrigo L.; Coimbra, Elaine S.; Almeida, Ana C.; Siqueira, Ezequias P.; Alves, Tânia M.A.; Zani, Carlos L.; Scio, Elita

 ·  Antitumor, antibiotic and antileishmanial properties of the Pyranonaphthoquinone Psychorubrin from Mitracarpus frigidus
Fabri, Rodrigo L.; Grazul, Richard M.; Carvalho, Lidiane O. de; Coimbra, Elaine S.; Cardoso, Gabriele M.M.; Souza-Fagundes, Elaine M. de; Silva, Adilson D. da; Scio, Elita

 Biomedical Sciences
 ·  Ameliorative potential of Butea monosperma on chronic constriction injury of sciatic nerve induced neuropathic pain in rats
Thiagarajan, Venkata R.K.; Shanmugam, Palanichamy; Krishnan, Uma M.; Muthuraman, Arunachalam; Singh, Nirmal

 ·  Cholinesterase as inflammatory markers in a experimental infection by Trypanosoma evansi in rabbits
Costa, Márcio M.; Silva, Aleksandro S. da; Paim, Francine C.; França, Raqueli; Dornelles, Guilherme L.; Thomé, Gustavo R.; Serres, Jonas D.S.; Schmatz, Roberta; Spanevello, Rosélia M.; Gonçalves, Jamile F.; Schetinger, Maria Rosa C.; Mazzanti, Cinthia M.A.; Lopes, Sonia T.A.; Monteiro, Silvia G.

 ·  Iron transportation across the placenta
Oliveira, Claudia M. de; Rodrigues, Marcio N.; Miglino, Maria Angélica

 ·  Effect of silymarin on sodium fluoride-induced toxicity and oxidative stress in rat cardiac tissues
Nabavi, Seyed M.; Nabavi, Seyed F.; Moghaddam, Akbar H.; Setzer, William N.; Mirzaei, Morteza

 Agrarian Sciences
 ·  Interspecific interaction between Telenomus remus (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) and Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) on Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) eggs
Carneiro, Tatiana R.; Fernandes, Odair A.

 ·  Apis mellifera pollination improves agronomic productivity of anemophilous castor bean (Ricinus communis)
Rizzardo, Rômulo A.G.; Milfont, Marcelo O.; Silva, Eva M.S. da; Freitas, Breno M.

 ·  Use of the correlation coefficient in agricultural sciences: problems, pitfalls and how to deal with them
Kozak, Marcin; Krzanowski, Wojtek; Tartanus, MaŁgorzata

 Engineering Sciences
 ·  Comparative studies of two dimensional and three dimensional ultrasonic nuchal translucency in trisomy assessments
Wee, Lai K.; Chai, Hum Y.; Samsury, Sharul R. Bin; Mujamil, Naizaithull F. Binti; Supriyanto, Eko

 ·  Evaluation of motorcyclist's discomfort during prolonged riding process with and without lumbar support
Karuppiah, Karmegam; Salit, Mohd S.; Ismail, Mohd Y.; Ismail, Napsiah; Tamrin, Shamsul B.M.

 Social Sciences
 ·  Use of fishing resources by women in the Mamanguape River Estuary, Paraíba state, Brazil
Rocha, Michelle S.P.; Santiago, Idalina M.F.L.; Cortez, Creuza S.; Trindade, Priscila M.; Mourão, José S.