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Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia
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Table of contents
Arq Bras Endocrinol Metab vol.53 no.4 São Paulo June 2009

 ·  Novo modelo, velho remédio
Velloso, Licio Augusto

 ·  Non-pharmacological interventions for weight gain in patients with schizophrenia taking antipsychotics
Attux, Cecília; Martini, Larissa C.; Reis, André F.; Bressan, Rodrigo A.

 ·  New mechanisms by which physical exercise improves insulin resistance in the skeletal muscle
Pauli, José Rodrigo; Cintra, Dennys Esper; Souza, Claudio Teodoro de; Ropelle, Eduardo Rochette

 Artigos Originais
 ·  Metformin effects upon blood pressure and glucose metabolism of monossodium glutamate induced-obese spontaneously hypertensive rats
Ferreira, Carolina B. N. D.; Cesaretti, Mário Luís R.; Ginoza, Milton; Kohlmann Jr, Osvaldo

 ·  There are no association between vitamin D metabolites and blood pressure in adolescents
Peters, Barbara Santarosa Emo; Roque, Janaína Pivetta; Fisberg, Mauro; Martini, Lígia Araújo

 ·  Continuous glucose monitoring system: dawn period calibration does not change accuracy of the method
Augusto, Gustavo A.; Sousa, André G. P.; Perazo, Marcela N. A.; Correa-Giannella, Maria L. C.; Nery, Marcia; Melo, Karla F. S. de

 ·  Dietary glycemic load, glycemic index, and refined grains intake are associated with reduced β-cell function in prediabetic Japanese migrants
Sartorelli, Daniela Saes; Franco, Laércio Joel; Damião, Renata; Gimeno, Suely; Cardoso, Marly Augusto; Ferreira, Sandra Roberta Gouvea

 ·  The relation between pubertal gynecomastia and body mass index in a sample of adolescents attended at the Outpatient Health Unit of a University Hospital
Rivera, Nádia F.; Eisenstein, Evelyn; Cardoso, Cláudia B. M. A.

 ·  Influence of body composition and age on bone density in relation to levels of physical activity
Nascimento, Thales Boaventura Rachid; Glaner, Maria Fátima; Paccini, Marina Kanthack

 ·  Evaluation of the Neonatal Screening Program for congenital hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil
Stranieri, Inês; Takano, Olga Akiko

 ·  Increase incidence of thyroid cancer in Florianopolis, Brazil: comparative study of diagnosed cases in 2000 and 2005
Cordioli, Maria Isabel C. V.; Canalli, Maria Heloísa B. S.; Coral, Marisa Helena C.

 ·  Prevalence of anti-thyroid peroxidase and anti-adrenal 21-hidroxylase in type 1 diabetes patients
Nunes, Reinaldo Cavalcante; Almeida, Mirella Hansen de; Rodacki, Melanie; Noé, Rosângela Aparecida; Bencke, Maria Rocio; Oliveira, José Egídio Paulo de; Vaisman, Mario

 ·  Does brittle diabetes exist as a clinical entity?
Eliaschewitz, Freddy Goldberg; Franco, Denise Reis

 ·  Iodine nutrition in Brazil: where do we stand?
Medeiros-Neto, Geraldo

 Apresentações de Casos
 ·  Primary thyroid tuberculosis: a rare etiology of hypothyroidism and anterior cervical mass mimicking carcinoma
Silva, Bradley Paulino da; Amorim, Erico Gurgel; Pavin, Elizabeth João; Martins, Antonio Santos; Matos, Patrícia Sabino de; Zantut-Wittmann, Denise Engelbrecht

 ·  Identification of occult metastases of medullary thyroid carcinoma by calcitonin measurement in washout fluid from fine needle aspiration of cervical lymph node
Siqueira, Debora; Rocha, Andreia Possati; Puñales, Marcia Khaled; Maia, Ana Luiza