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Arquivos de Gastroenterologia
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Table of contents
Arq. Gastroenterol. vol.41 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2004

 ·  A revision of hepatitis C treatment
Siciliano, Rinaldo Focaccia; Boulos, Marcos

 Original Articles
 ·  The sustained response rates for chronic hepatitis C patients undergoing therapy with the several interferons and ribavarins supplied by Brazilian’s Health Ministry is comparable to those reported in the literature
Acras, Rafael Nastás; Pedroso, Maria Lúcia A.; Caum, Leiber Carvalho; Pisani, Júlio C.; Amarante, Heda M. B. S.; Carmes, Eliane R.

 ·  Sexual and reproductive function in female liver transplant recipients
Parolin, Mônica Beatriz; Rabinovich, Iris; Urbanetz, Almir; Scheidemantel, Carlos; Cat, Mônica Lima; Coelho, Júlio Cézar Uili

 ·  The influence of oral and pharyngeal phases on the swallowing dynamic
Yamada, Elaine Keiko; Siqueira, Karina Oliveira de; Xerez, Denise; Koch, Hilton Augusto; Costa, Milton Melciades B.

 ·  Comparative incidence of acute appendicitis in a mixed population, related to the skin color
Petroianu, Andy; Oliveira-Neto, Jose Estevão de; Alberti, Luiz Ronaldo

 ·  Sequential swallows have no influence on esophageal contractions of patients with iron deficiency anemia
Dantas, Roberto Oliveira; Miranda, Adriana Leonarda Martins

 Pediatric Gastroenterology
 ·  Bowel preparation for colonoscopy with sodium picosulphate and magnesium citrate in children and adolescents
Kawakami, Elisabete; Portorreal, Aurea; Scuissiatto, Marini L.; Machado, Rodrigo S.; Raguza, Daniele; Lozano, Liliana

 ·  Dermatoglyphics of children with chronic constipation
Goshima, Soraya; Fagundes-Neto, Ulysses; Morais, Mauro Batista de

 ·  The influence of the supine and prone position in the esophageal pH monitoring in very low birth weight infants
Mezzacappa, Maria Aparecida Marques dos Santos; Goulart, Letícia Moreira; Brunelli, Marise Mello Carnelossi

 Experimental Gastroenterology
 ·  Effects on growth after hypertension portal induced in young rats
Miranda, Luiz Eduardo Correia; Ceneviva, Reginaldo; Vannucchi, Hélio

 ·  Induced metabolic alterations due to experimental normothermic hepatic ischemia and the hepatoprotector effect of cyclosporin
Garcia, José Huygens Parente; Coelho, Gustavo Rego; Sousa, Ivian Teixeira de; Siqueira, Rafael Pontes de; Vasconcelos, Paulo Roberto Leitão de

 Case Report
 ·  Crohn’s disease isolated of the appendix as a source of enterorrhagia
Lima Jr., Sizenando Ernesto de; Speranzini, Manlio Basílio; Guiro, Marcos Pacheco

 Clinical Epidemiology
 ·  Proposal of a questionnaire for prevalence's characterization of the digestive symptoms in the connective tissue diseases
Machado, Wellington M.; Freire, Beatriz Funayama A.; Rocha, Oswaldo M.; Azambuja, Carlos Armando P.; Oliveira, Maria Elisa C.

 Clinical Assay
 ·  Efficacy of the dosing regimen of pantoprazole 40 mg, amoxicillin 1000 mg and clarithromycin 500 mg, twice daily for 7 days, in the eradication of Helicobacter pylori in patients with peptic ulcer
Coelho, Luiz Gonzaga Vaz; Mattos, Ângelo Alves de; Francisconi, Carlos Fernando Magalhães; Castro, Luiz de Paula; André, Suraia Boaventura