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Arquivos de Gastroenterologia
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Table of contents
Arq. Gastroenterol. vol.46 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2009

 VIII Brazilian Digestive System Week
 ·  1º Encontro Nacional dos Editores dos Arquivos de gastroenterologia
Tacla, Mounib

 In Memoriam
 ·  Dr. Dahir Ramos de Andrade
Tacla, Mounib

 ·  The English language is necessary
Viebig, Ricardo Guilherme; Pardini, Fernando

 Young researcher forum
 ·  The ethics of writing a scientific paper
Carvalho, Newton Sergio De

 Original Articles
 ·  Development of colorectal advanced neoplasia/adenomas in the long-term follow-up of patients submitted to colonoscopy with polipectomy
Rostirolla, Renata Andreoli; Pereira-Lima, Júlio Carlos; Teixeira, Cláudio Rolim; Schuch, Aline Weyne; Perazzoli, Camila; Saul, Carlos

 ·  Colonoscopic findings in asymptomatic people
Petroianu, Andy; Alberti, Luiz Ronaldo; Lima, David Corrêa Alves de; Hauter, Heather Lynn; Rodrigues, Kelly Cristine de Lacerda; Mendes, Julia Cristina de Almeida

 ·  Study of efficacy and safety of a new local cream ("healer") in the treatment of chronic anal fissure: a prospective, randomized, single-blind, comparative study
Yakoot, Mostafa; Salaam, M. Abdel

 ·  Non-adherence to the therapy in Crohn's disease patients: prevalence and risk factors
Cornélio, Rita de Cássia Azevedo Couto; Pinto, André Luis Tavares; Pace, Fábio Heleno de Lima; Moraes, Jussara Paixão; Chebli, Júlio Maria Fonseca

 ·  Risk factors for indications of intraoperative blood transfusion among patients undergoing surgical treatment for colorectal adenocarcinoma
Gonçalves, Iara; Linhares, Marcelo; Bordin, Jose; Matos, Delcio

 ·  Serum globulin levels and intensity of hepatic fibrosis in patients with mansonic schistosomiasis
Correia, Henrique S. T.; Domingues, Ana Lucia C.; Lopes, Edmundo P. A.; Morais, Clarice N. L.; Sarteschi, Camila; Moura, Izolda M. F.

 ·  Analysis of the bariatric surgery impact in a population from the center area of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, using the BAROS method
Prevedello, Carlise Felkl; Colpo, Elisângela; Mayer, Elveni Teresinha; Copetti, Hairton

 ·  Neither genotype nor the gastric colonization site of Helicobacter pylori are predictive factors for the development of erosive esophagitis in patients with peptic ulcer disease, 1 year after eradication
Batista, Carlos Alexandre Gonçalves; Silva, Fernando Marcuz; Barbuti, Ricardo Correa; Eisig, Jaime Natan; Mattar, Rejane; Navarro-Rodriguez, Tomás

 ·  Could gastric histology be a useful marker for making decision on Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy in patients with dyspepsia?
Arruda, Severino Marcos Borba de; Forones, Nora Manoukian; Jucá, Norma Thomé; Barros, Kátia Simone Cezário de

 ·  Poor outcomes with treatment of hepatorenal syndrome type 1 with splancnic vasoconstrictors and albumin: report of seven cases and review of the literature
Kalil, Jamile Rosário; Cerqueira, Liv Aparicio; Barbosa, Daniel Silva; Motta, Marina Pamponet; Nery, Marília da Silva; Bittencourt, Paulo Lisboa

 ·  Assessing nutritional status before introducing enteral nutrition
Leandro-Merhi, Vânia Aparecida; Morete, Juliana Luisi; Oliveira, Maria Rita Marques de

 ·  Comparison between hepatitis B and C epidemiological profiles at a public institution in São Paulo, Brazil
Cruz, Camila Rodrigues Bressane; Shirassu, Miriam Matsura; Martins, Wellington P.

 Brief Communication
 ·  Duodenal bypass does not decrease glucose levels of lean individuals with gastric cancer submitted to partial or total gastrectomy
Herbella, Fernando A.; Tineli, Ana C.; Wilson Jr, Jorge L.; Del Grande, Jose C.

 ·  Non-cardiac chest pain
Domingues, Gerson Ricardo de Souza; Moraes-Filho, Joaquim Prado P.

 ·  A critical analysis of studies assessing L-ornithine-L-aspartate (LOLA) in hepatic encephalopathy treatment
Soárez, Patrícia Coelho de; Oliveira, Ana Cláudia; Padovan, Jorge; Parise, Edison Roberto; Ferraz, Marcos Bosi