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Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4227


Table of contents
Arq. Neuro-Psiquiatr. vol.47 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 1989

Toxic demyelination of the central nervous system: I. Effects of an intercalating gliotoxic chemical in the spinal cord of Wistar rats
Graça, Dominguita Lühers

Toxic demyelination of the central nervous system: II. Biological aspects of Schwann cells observed during the process of tissue repair
Graça, Dominguita Lühers

Cerebral evoked potentials in human chronic Chagas' disease
Genovese, O. M.; Sanz, Olga P.; Correale, J.; Erro, Marcela Garcia; Sica, R. E. P.

Neuromuscular transmission studies in human chronic Chagas' disease
Erro, Marcela Garcia; Genovese, O.; Correale, J.; Sica, R. E. P.

Motor unit involvement in human acute Chagas' disease
Benavente, O. R.; Ledesma Patiño, O.; Baez Peña, L.; Lugones, H.; Kalala, E.; Meneclier, C. Ribas; Genovese, O.; Sica, R. E. P.

Evaluation of antigenic fractions from Cysticercus cellulosae for immunodiagnosis of neurocysticercosis using antibody-lectin conjugates
Rossi, Cláudio Lúcio

Factors affecting diazepam availability from intravenous admixture solutions
Arruda, Walter Oleschko; Brito Filho, Dilermando; Rosa, Solange L. C.; Fontoura, Paulo S. G.; Cardoso, Moema De Araújo

Evolutive neurological evaluation and cortical functions evaluation in a sample of children from the first grade of the elementary school
Fernandez, Liana Lisboa; Guardiola, Ana; Rotta, Newra Tellechea

Pott's disease in children
Campos, Patricia; Chaparro, Eduardo; Valença, Federico; Fuentes-Davila, Alfredo

Pituitary adenomas: immunohistochemical study of 167 cases
Barbosa-Coutinho, Lígia M.; Antunes, A. C. M.; Azambuja, N. A.; Geyer, G. R.; Gross, J. L.; Ferreira, N. P.; Lopes, N. M. M.; Reichel, C. L.; Zettler, C. G.

Brain stem tumors: anatomo-pathologic study of 35 necropsy cases
Lancellotti, Carmen Lúcia Penteado; Longo, Maria Antonieta; Onozuka, Angela Pires; Oliveira, Carlos Pereira de; Carreira, Antonio Barros

Corpus callosum stimulation and stereotactic callosotomy in the management of refractory generalized epilepsy: preliminary communication
Marino Jr., Raul; Gronich, Gary

Cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities in 170 cases of AIDS
Livramento, J. A.; Machado, L. R.; Spina-França, A.

Cerebrospinal fluid in central nervous system Candida infection: analysis of 11 cases
Livramento, J. A.; Machado, L. R.; Moreno-Carvalho, O. A.; Lacaz, C. S.; Spina-França, A.

Histochemistry study of the muscle in multiple sclerosis
Tilbery, Charles P.; Atra, Mauro; Oliveira, Acary S. Bulle; Calia, Leandro A.; Schmidt, Beny

Non-epileptic myoclonus and mitochondrial encephalomyopathy
Cukiert, A.; Naylor, F. G. M.; Scapolan, H. B.; Vilela, M. M.; Aloe, F. S.; Siffert, J. O.; Tsanaglis, Ana M.; Haddad, Monica; Machado, Teresa C.; Carvalho-Alegro, Mary; Levy, J. A.; Marques-Assis, L.

Adverse reaction to flunarizine: severe parkinsonism
Fontanari, Juliano Luis

Mitochondrial dysfunction in myasthenia gravis: report of a case
Marchiori, Paulo E.; Levy, J. A.; Lusvarghi, Mary S. Carvalho-Alegro E. S.; Tsanaclis, Ana M.; Assis, J. Lamartine de; Scaff, M.

Miller Fisher Syndrome: four cases and the nosological position of this disorder
Camargo, Solange G.; Papais-Alvarenga, Regina M.

'One-and-a-half' syndrome: anatomic and clinical considerations based on a case
André, Charles; Castro, Ana Lúcia Z. de; Vincent, Maurice B.; Mattos, James Pitágoras de; Maranhão Filho, Péricles de A.; Novis, Sérgio A. Pereira

Lipoma of the midbrain: post-mortem finding in a patient with breast cancer
Gouvea, Verônica Maia; Hahn, Myriam Dumas; Chimelli, Leila

Congenital inclusion dermoid cyst of the anterior fontanel in adults: case report
Oliveira, Hélio Araujo

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