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Bragantia vol.22 no.unico Campinas  1963

Sand particle distribution in soil profiles of the "Serra Santana"
Queiroz Neto, José Pereira de

A method for evaluating sand particle size distribution in soils
Queiroz Netto, José Pereira de

Observations on a hevea rubber planting in the Caraguatatuba area
Cunha, João Ferreira da

Results from a pilot planting of hevea rubber
Cunha, João Ferreira da

Natural ckohs pollina t ton in dry beans
Pompeu, Antonio Sidney

Root systems of new zealand flax, sisal, and imperial bamboo
Medina, Júlio César; Inforzato, Romeu; Pettinelli, Armando; Pinto, Luiz Carlos de Toledo

Diameter and lenght of ramie stalks and the content, fineness and strenght of the fiber
Ciaramello, Dirceu; Medina, Júlio César; Salgado, Antonio Luiz de Barros

Variability in internode number and in ear height of corn inbred lines and their hybrids
Silva, William José da

Sugar cane variety trials 1957-1959
Segalla, A. L.

Coffee breeding: XXVI - Productivity of inbred lines and the ir hybrids of the cultivar ' bourbon vermelho'
Mônaco, L. C.; Carvalho, A.

Chromosome number of wild species or arachis
Conagin, Cândida Helena T. M.

Efect of coffee pomace on cotton germination
Ferraz, C. A. Menezes; Fuzatto, Mílton Geraldo; Gridi-Papp, Imre L.

Mineralogical studies on soils of the taquaral series
Girardi, Vicente Antonio Vitório; Melfi, Adolpho José

Fertilizer experiments with corn in the paraíba valley
Gomes, A. Gentil; Viégas, G. P.; Freire, E.S.

Fertilizer experiments with the banana plant
Cunha, João Fereira da; Fraga Júnior, Constantino

Monotypical series of taubaté basin. 3 - Haras and Tumirim
Verdade, Francisco da Costa; Hungria, Luiz Soares

Fertilizer experiments with sugar cane: VII - Preliminary results with N, P, and K on "arenito de bauru" type of soil
Alvarez, R.; Pacheco, J. A. de Camargo

Behavior of three corn varieties planted at three fertilizer levels and three spacings
Viégas, G. P.; Andrade Sobrinho, J. de; Venturini, W. R.

Seasonal influence of plant hormones on geranium cuttings
Inforzato, Romeu; Pinto, A. J. D'Andréa; Santos, Samuel Ribeiro dos; Abramides, Eduardo

Estimates of the average genetic advance in corn yeld trials
Silva, W. J. da; Miranda, L. T.; Viégas, G. P.

Studies on fertilizer placement for the onion crop
Campos, Humberto Ribeiro de; Prado, Olympio de Toledo; Venturini, W. R.

Nutritional studies with the potato plant
Gargantini, H.; Blanco, H. Garcia; Gallo, J. Romano; Nóbrega, Sylvio de A.

Castor bean breeding. Incorporation of the non-shattering character in the IAC-38 cultivar
Banzatto, N. V.; Rocha, J. L. V.; Canecchio Filho, V.

Microsporogenesis in a tripoid hybrid of Coffea racemosa lour. and C. arabica L.
Medina, Dixier M.

Potato varieties from nothern ireland
Boock, O. J.; Nóbrega, Sylvio de A.; Scivittaro, Adelmo

Fertilizer experiments with cotton: XIV - Trials with green manure and mineral fertilizers
Cavaleri, Popílio Angelo; Fuzzato, Milton G.; Freire, E. S.

Yielding variability of dry bean cultivars at campinas
Pompeu, Antonio Sidney

Nitrogen application for rice grown on clay bottom land
Schmidt, Nélson C.; Gargantini, Hermano

Influence of plant density on the yield per area of the 'mundo novo' coffee
Scaranari, H. J.; Nogueira Neto, P.

A comparison of phosphate fertilizers for the sugar cane
Alvarez, R.; Segalla, A. L.; Vaz de Arruda, H.

Sensitivity of velvet bean to 2,4-D
Rodriguez, Ody

Effect of seven herbicides on the perennial soybean growing in a citrus orchard
Rodriguez, Ody

Natural outcrossing among coffee trees in the same hole
Mônaco, L. C.; Carvalho, A.; Antunes Filho, Hermindo

New vine killees for the irish potato crop
Boock, O. J.

Early sprouting of irish potato tubers through the use of carbon bisulphid
Scivittaro, Adelmo; Boock, O. j.

Preliminary observation on niacin variability in coffee strains
Carvalho, A

A comparison op phosphate fertilizers for the sugar cane
Alvarez, R.; Miranda, C. A. B. de; Oliveira, H. de

Colchicine induced polyploidy of hevea rubber plants
Mendes, Luiz O. T.; Mendes, A. J. Teixeira

Variability in some of the coffee beverage characteristics
Toledo, Odette Z. de; Garruti, Ruth S.; Carvalho, A.; Venturini, W. R.; Jorge, Joassy P. N.

Experiments on methods of applying nitrogen to potatoes
Nóbrega, Sylvio de Azevedo; Schmidt, Nelson C.; Freire, E. S.

A quick field test for exocortis
Moreira, S.

A new technique for counting chromosomes of the peanut plant
Medina, Dixier M.; Conagin, Cândida Helena T. M.

Experimental results from an hevea rubber planting located in the campinas area
Cunha, João Ferreira da

Influence of seed location in the cocoa fruit on germination and seedling growth
Cardoso, Mário

Anatomy and development of the manioc flower
Toledo, Antonieta Pia de

Root distribution of the bean plant in two types of soil
Inforzato, Romeu; Miyasaka, Shiro

Characteristics of Brazilian white and red wines
Toledo, Odette Zardetto de

Time of nitrogen application on dry beans
Miyasaka, Shiro; Freire, E. S.; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A.

Experiments on methods of applying nitrogen to potatoes
Nóbrega, Sylvio de Azevedo; Boock, O. J.; Freire, E. S.

Pruning time for fig trees in the state of São Paulo
Rigitano, Orlando; Ojima, Mario