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Bragantia vol.23 no.unico Campinas  1964

Relationship of rainfall-erosion losses in different soils of the state of São Paulo
Bertoni, José; Pastana, Francisco I.

Coffee breeding: XXIII variability in isogenic lines of cofeea arabica
Mônaco, L. C.; Carvalho, A.

Cytological observations on Pelargonium
Conacin, Cândida H. T. M.

Preliminary observations on green coffee stored in bulk
Rigitano, Ayrton; Tosello, André; Souza, Octacilio Ferreira de; Garrutti, Ruth dos S.; Jorge, Joassy P. N.

Fertilizer experiments with soybeans and dry beans in «arentto botucatu» soil
Miyasaka, Shiro; Freire, E. S.; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A

Fertility of some soils in alluvial plains of the Paraíba valley
Garcia Blanco, H.; Wutke, A. C. P.; Amaral, A. Z. do; Igue, K.; Verdade, F. C.

Fertilizing soybeans: III - Trials with NPK, sulfur, and micro-nutrients on «arenito Botucatu» soil
Miyasaka, Shiro; Freire, E. S.; Mascarenhas, Hipólito A. A.

Study of the influence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the characteristics of a variety of upland rice
Oliveira, Domingos de Azevedo; Montojos, João Casado; Igue, Toshio

Fertilizer experiments with potato: I - Alta sorocabana region
Nóbrega, Sylvio A.; Scivittaro, A.; Gargantini, H.; Wutke, A. C. Pimentel; Venturini, W. R.; Santos, Celso Ferraz de Oliveira

Cutting of potato seed tubers: Part IV - Influence of the environment on the stored material and of the manner and the time of cutting seed potatoes
Nóbrega, Sylvio de Azevedo

The influence of humidity and temperature on viability of cocoa seeds in storage
Zink, Eduardo; Rochelle, Luiz António

Color in relation to moisture level of some soil series
Coelho, Arnaldo Guido de Souza; Audi, Raul

Coffee breeding: XXVII - Results from the regional coffee selection trial at Jau
Carvalho, A.; Mônaco, L. C.; Campana, M. P.

Influence of the planting time and of the soil type on the occurrence of physiological defects of potato
Nóbrega, Sylvio de Azevedo

Fertilizer experiments with corn: XXIV - First 9-year results of a long term trial with manure, limestone, and NPK fertilizer
Miranda, L. T.; Viegas, G.P.; Freire, E. S.

Chromosome countings in coffee endosperm
Medina, Dixier M.

Sugar cane breding: I - Experiments with seedlings obtained in 1947, 1948 and 1949
Segalla, A. L.; Alvarez, R.

Monotypical series of Taubaté basin: 4 - Ipiranga, coruja and feital
Verdade, Francisco da Costa; Hungria, Luiz Soares

Preservation of wood recipients by chemicals and their influence on the growth of coffee seedlings
Figueiredo, J. I.; Brilho, Cícero Côrte; Toledo, Sérgio V.; Ghilardi, E.

Fertilizer experiments with castor beans: IV - Plant density x fertility level (2nd series)
Rocha, José Luiz V.; Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Freire, E. S.; Scaranari, H.; Pettinelli, A.

Studies about coffee plantations in the county of campinas by means of photointerpretation
Amaral, Álvaro Zingra do

Insecticide application for the control of tomato vira-cabeça
Costa, Cláudio L.; Alves, Aldo; Nagai, H.; Costa, A. S.

Fertilizer experiments with castor beans: V - Trial with several phosphorus sources
Rocha, José Luiz V.; Canecchio Filho, Vicente; Freire, E. S.

Influence of the intermittent drying on coffee
Rigitano, Ayrton; Tosello, André; Souza, Octacílio Ferreira de; Garrutti, Ruth dos Santos; Jorge, Joassy P. N.

Trials with squash varieties
Mendonça, Nelson Teixeira de

Absorption of mineral elements by coffee berries during their formation
Moraes, Ferdinando Roberto Pupo de; Catani, Renato A.

The effect of reducing the leaf area on the growth of young coffee plants
Magalhães, Antônio Celso

The influence of humidity and temperature on viability of watermelon seeds in storage
Zink, Eduardo; Mendonça, Nelson Teixeira de

Experiments on methods of applying nitrogen to potatoes
Nóbrega, Sylvio de A.; Freire, E. S.

Root systems of rice and beans in two series of soil in the Paraíba river valley
Inforzato, Romeu; Guimarães, Geraldo; Borgonovi, Mário

Fertilizer experiments with corn: XXV - Methods of nitrogen application
Miranda, L. T.; Freire, E. S.

Coffee breeding: XXIX - Productivity of dwarf coffee cultivars
Antunes, C.S. Novaes; Mônaco, L. C.; Carvalho, A.

Natural occurrence of the brazilian tobacco streak virus in potato plants
Costa, A. S.; Carvalho, Ana Maria B.; Deslandes, Josué

A laboratory rearing technique for cotton-stainers (Dysdercus spp.)
Mendes, Luiz O. T.

Effect of artificial light on the growth of orchid seedlings
Magalhães, Antônio Celso; Zink, Eduardo

Vegetative development of some clones of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg.)
Cardoso, Mário

Chromosome number in wild Arachis
Conagin, Cândida H. T. M.

The inhibitory effect of jack bean extracts upon the growth of nut grass
Magalhães, Antônio Celso