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Bragantia vol.62 no.2 Campinas  2003

 Basic Areas
 ·  Muskmelon fruit quality as affected by nitrogen rates
Coelho, Evando Luiz; Fontes, Paulo Cezar Rezende; Finger, Fernando Luiz; Cardoso, Antônio Américo

 Plant Breeding
 ·  Use of gamma-rays sensitivity for discrimination of upland rice cultivars of groups Indica and Japonica
Rodrigues, Luís Roberto Franco; Ando, Akihiko

 ·  Performance of dihaploid wheat lines obtained via anther culture in relation to the aluminum tolerance, grain yield and plant height
Salomon, Marcus Vinicius; Camargo, Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira; Ferreira Filho, Antonio Wilson Penteado; Pettinelli Júnior, Armando; Castro, Jairo Lopes de

 ·  Diallel analysis of sugarcane clones
Bastos, Irlane Toledo; Barbosa, Márcio Henrique Pereira; Cruz, Cosme Damião; Burnquist, William Lee; Bressiani, José Antônio; Silva, Felipe Lopes da

 ·  Effect of the citrus tristeza disease on vegetative, productive and industrial characters of 'Valencia' sweet orange grafted onto hybrid rootstocks segregating for tolerance
Bordignon, Rita; Medina Filho, Herculano Penna; Siqueira, Walter José; Pio, Rose Mary

 ·  Performance of wheat dihaploid lines at two locations of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Camargo, Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira; Ferreira Filho, Antonio Wilson Penteado; Ramos, Luís Carlos da Silva; Pettinelli Junior, Armando; Castro, Jairo Lopes de; Felicio, João Carlos; Salomon, Marcus Vinicius; Mistro, Júlio Cesar

 Crop Production and Management
 ·  Types of growth regulator application, planting densities and nitrogen levels for the cotton cultivar IAC 22
Furlani Junior, Enes; Silva, Nelson Machado da; Carvalho, Luiz Henrique; Bortoletto, Nelson; Sabino, José Carlos; Bolonhezi, Denizart

 ·  Agronomic performance of maize cultivars in normal and late season crops
Farinelli, Rogério; Penariol, Fernando Guido; Bordin, Luciano; Coicev, Luciana; Fornasieri Filho, Domingos

 Plant Protection
 ·  Influence of cotton trichomes on biological trichomes on biological aspects and predatory ability of Chrysoperla externa (Hagen) fed with Aphis gossypii Glover
Santos, Terezinha Monteiro dos; Boiça Júnior, Arlindo Leal; Soares, José Janduí

 ·  Efficiency of nymphs and adults of Aphis gossypii Glov. to transmit cotton vein mosaic virus
Michelotto, Marcos Doniseti; Busoli, Antonio Carlos

 ·  Crops and weeds as host plants Orius species (Heteroptera: anthocoridae)
Silveira, Luís Cláudio Paterno; Bueno, Vanda Helena Paes; Pierre, Leonardo Santa Rosa; Mendes, Simome Martins

 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
 ·  Out-of-season maize yielding potential as affected by nitrogen doses and ways of application
Mar, Gilson Domingos do; Marchetti, Marlene Estevão; Souza, Luiz Carlos Ferreira de; Gonçalves, Manuel Carlos; Novelino, José Oscar

 ·  Fluorine toxicity in corn plants nearby a ceramic industry, Araras, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Fortes, Caio; Duarte, Aildson Pereira; Matsuoka, Sizuo; Hoffman, Hermann P.; Lavorenti, Norberto Antônio

 ·  Yield and quality of soybean as affected by surface application of lime under a non-tillage system
Caires, Eduardo Fávero; Ferrari, Roseli Aparecida; Morgano, Marcelo Antonio

 Seed Technology
 ·  Effects of harvesting methods on seed quality of Panicum maximum (Jacq.) cultivar Mombaça
Maschietto, Renata Waldemarin; Novembre, Ana Dionisia da Luz Coelho; Silva, Walter Rodrigues da

 ·  Recalcitrants seeds: post-harvest problems
Fonseca, Samara Camargo Lopes; Freire, Helena Barone

 ·  Mechanical damages associated with pathogens and performance of corn seeds (Zea mays L.)
Cicero, Carlos Moure; Silva, Walter Rodrigues da

 ·  Viability of stored wheat seeds when treated with fenitrothion and infested by Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Plazas, Isabel Helena de Almeida Zeituni; Medina, Priscila Fratin; Novo, Jozé Poleze Soares

 Agricultural Engineering
 ·  Efect of the air speed in air-assisted sprayer on bean crop pesticide spray deposition
Raetano, Carlos Gilberto; Bauer, Fernando Cesar