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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.79 no.5 Porto Alegre Sept./Oct. 2003

 ·  The inappropriate usage and adverse effects of drugs in clinical practice
Wong, Anthony

 ·  Which device should be used to treat wheezing attacks in children? Nebulizer or metered-dose inhaler?
Rodrigues, Joaquim Carlos

 ·  Pediatric hematopoietic cell transplantations: growing pains
Ribeiro, Raul C.

 Special Article
 ·  Maternal allegations for weaning: qualitative study
Ramos, Carmen V.; Almeida, João A.G.

 Review Article
 ·  Impact of otitis media on language acquisition in children
Balbani, Aracy P.S.; Montovani, Jair C.

 Original Article
 ·  Prescription of drugs not appropriate for children in a pediatric intensive care unit
Carvalho, Paulo R.A.; Carvalho, Clarissa G.; Alievi, Patrícia T.; Martinbiancho, Jaqueline; Trotta, Eliana A.

 ·  Metered-dose inhaler with home-made spacer versus nebulizers to treat moderate wheezing attacks in children
Vilarinho, Liana Consuelo Santana; Mendes, Carlos Maurício Cardeal; Souza, Leda Solano de Freitas

 ·  Clinical and epidemiological analysis of bone marrow transplantation in a pediatric oncology unit
Castro Jr., Cláudio Galvão de; Gregianin, Lauro José; Brunetto, Algemir Lunardi

 ·  Clinical and laboratory findings in a series of cases of infective endocarditis
Pereira, Carla A.Z.; Rocio, Scheila C.G.P.; Ceolin, Maria-Fátima R.; Lima, Ana-Paula N.B.; Borlot, Felippe; Pereira, Roberto S.T.; Moreira-Silva, Sandra F.

 ·  Importance of clinical and laboratory profiles for the differential diagnosis of malaria and acute viral hepatitis
Amaral, Cacyane Naiff do; Albuquerque, Yael Duarte de; Pinto, Ana Yecê das Neves; Souza, José Maria de

 ·  Clinical and transcutaneous oxygen saturation characteristics in hospitalized infants with acute viral bronchiolitis
Rubin, Fernanda M.; Fischer, Gilberto B.

 ·  Upper airway cellular pattern in infants with acute bronchiolitis: neutrophils or eosinophils?
Pitrez, Paulo M.C.; Pinto, Leonardo A.; Machado, Denise C.; Tsukazan, Maria T.; Jones, Marcus H.; Stein, Renato T.

 ·  Child feeding and diarrhea morbidity
Vieira, Graciete O.; Silva, Luciana R.; Vieira, Tatiana de O.

 ·  Assessment of mid-upper arm circumference as a method for obesity screening in preschool children
Almeida, Carlos A.N. de; Del Ciampo, Luiz A.; Ricco, Rubens G.; Silva Jr., Sergio M.; Naves, Rosiane B.; Pina, Jennifer F.

 ·  Smoking during early adolescence: a study in schoolchildren from Argentina
Bolzán, Andrés; Peleteiro, Rafael

 Case Report
 ·  Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis of the mandible: report of three cases
Paim, Luciana B.; Liphaus, Bernadete Lourdes; Rocha, André C.; Castellanos, Aura Ligia Z.; Silva, Clovis Artur A.

 Letters to the Editor