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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.81 no.4 Porto Alegre July/Aug. 2005

 ·  Blood lactate as prognostic marker in critically ill children: a problem related to production or clearance?
Ronco, Ricardo

 ·  Continuous glucose monitoring: a practice that should be explored
Damiani, Durval

 ·  Aerosols and spacers for acute asthma in children: evolution and time to change the routine
Ribeiro, Jose Dirceu

 Review Articles
 ·  Clinical evaluation and treatment of insomnia in childhood
Nunes, Magda Lahorgue; Cavalcante, Verônica

 Original Articles
 ·  Blood lactate concentration as prognostic marker in critically ill children
Koliski, Adriana; Cat, Izrail; Giraldi, Dinarte J.; Cat, Mônica L.

 ·  Accuracy, utility and complications of continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes
Maia, Frederico F. R.; Araújo, Levimar R.

 ·  Different inhaler devices in acute asthma attacks: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Chong Neto, Herberto J.; Chong-Silva, Débora C.; Marani, Daniele M.; Kuroda, Flávia; Olandosky, Márcia; Noronha, Lúcia de

 ·  Prevalence and severity of asthma among adolescents and their relationship with the body mass index
Cassol, Vitor E.; Rizzato, Tiago M.; Teche, Stefania P.; Basso, Débora F.; Hirakata, Vânia N.; Maldonado, Martín; Colpo, Elisângela; Solé, Dirceu

 ·  The influence of breastfeeding technique on the frequencies of exclusive breastfeeding and nipple trauma in the first month of lactation
Weigert, Enilda M. L.; Giuglian, Elsa R. J.; França, Maristela C. T.; Oliveira, Luciana D. de; Bonilha, Ana; Espírito Santo, Lílian C. do; Köhler, Celina Valderez F.

 ·  Nutritional status and intestinal iron absorption in children with chronic hepatic disease with and without cholestasis
Mattar, Regina Helena Guedes da Motta; Azevedo, Ramiro Anthero de; Speridião, Patricia Graça Leite; Fagundes Neto, Ulysses; Morais, Mauro Batista de

 ·  Nutritional status surveillance of children in a health district in southern Brazil
Cuervo, Maria Rita M.; Aerts, Denise R. G. de C.; Halpern, Ricardo

 ·  Bone mineral density, milk intake and physical activity in boys who suffered forearm fractures
Pires, Luiz Antônio Simões; Souza, Antônio Carlos Araújo de; Laitano, Orlando; Meyer, Flávia

 ·  Bone mineral density in overweight and obese adolescents
Cobayashi, Fernanda; Lopes, Luiz A.; Taddei, José A. A. C.

 ·  Type 1 autoimmune hepatitis in children and adolescents: assessment of immunosuppressive treatment withdrawal
Ferreira, Alexandre Rodrigues; Roquete, Mariza Leitão Valadares; Penna, Francisco José; Toppa, Nivaldo H.; Castro, Lúcia Porto Fonseca de

 Case Report
 ·  Hypercalcemia and multiple osteolytic lesions in a child with disseminated paracoccidioidomycosis and pulmonary tuberculosis
Tresoldi, Antonia T.; Pereira, Ricardo M.; Castro, Lelma C.; Rigatto, Sumara Z. P.; Belangero, Vera M. S.

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Is adrenaline inhalation safe?
Ejzenberg, Bernardo