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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.83 no.4 Porto Alegre July/Aug. 2007

 ·  Prevention of severe neonatal hyperbilirubinemia in healthy infants of 35 or more weeks of gestation: implementation of a systems-based approach
Bhutani, Vinod K.; Johnson, Lois

 ·  Turn off the lights and the oxygen, when not needed: phototherapy and oxidative stress in the neonate
Sola, Augusto

 ·  What tests can help diagnose and estimate the severity of sepsis?
Lacroix, Jacques

 Review Article
 ·  Infectious diseases and daycare and preschool education
Nesti, Maria M. M.; Goldbaum, Moisés

 Original Article
 ·  Follow-up of neonatal jaundice in term and late premature newborns
Facchini, Fernando Perazzini; Mezzacappa, Maria Aparecida; Rosa, Izilda Rodrigues Machado; Mezzacappa Filho, Francisco; Aranha Netto, Abimael; Marba, Sergio Tadeu Martins

 ·  Total oxidant/antioxidant status in jaundiced newborns before and after phototherapy
Aycicek, Ali; Erel, Ozcan

 ·  Procalcitonin in children with sepsis and septic shock
Fioretto, José R.; Borin, Fernanda de C.; Bonatto, Rossano C.; Ricchetti, Sandra M. Q.; Kurokawa, Cilmery S.; Moraes, Marcos A. de; Carpi, Mário F.; Padovani, Carlos R.; Martin, Joelma G.

 ·  Chest expansion for assessing tidal volume in premature newborn infants on ventilators
Scavacini, Ana Sílvia; Miyoshi, Milton Harumi; Kopelman, Benjamin Israel; Peres, Clóvis de Araújo

 ·  Risk factors associated with arterial hypertension in adolescents
Kuschnir, Maria C. C.; Mendonça, Gulnar A. S.

 ·  Effect of prone position without PEEP on oxygenation and complacency in an experimental model of lung injury
Yagui, Ana Cristina Z.; Beppu, Oswaldo S.

 ·  Maternal perceptions and self-perception of the nutritional status of children and adolescents from private schools
Boa-Sorte, Ney; Neri, Luciana A.; Leite, Maria Efigênia Q.; Brito, Sheila M.; Meirelles, Ana Regina; Luduvice, Fábia B. S.; Santos, Jamille P.; Viveiros, Marcela R.; Ribeiro-Jr., Hugo C.

 ·  Prevalence of recurrent wheezing in infants
Chong Neto, Herberto José; Rosário, Nelson Augusto; Solé, Dirceu; Mallol, Javier

 ·  Randomized clinical trial of the impact of a nutritional supplement "multimixture" on the nutritional status of children enrolled at preschools
Gigante, Denise P.; Buchweitz, Márcia; Helbig, Elizabete; Almeida, Ângela S.; Araújo, Cora L.; Neumann, Nelson A.; Victora, Cesar

 ·  Nutritional assessment of iron status and anemia in children under 5 years old at public daycare centers
Vieira, Ana Cláudia F.; Diniz, Alcides S.; Cabral, Poliana C.; Oliveira, Rejane S.; Lóla, Margarida M. F.; Silva, Solange M. M.; Kolsteren, Patrick

 Brief Communication
 ·  Evaluation of retinol levels in human colostrum in two samples collected at an interval of 24 hours
Ribeiro, Karla D. S.; Araújo, Katherine F.; Pereira, Michelle C.; Dimenstein, Roberto

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Food allergy and atopy patch tests
Segundo, Gesmar Rodrigues Silva

 ·  Salivary cortisol to assess the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in healthy children under 3 years old
Maguire, Ann M.; Cowell, Christopher T.

 ·  Gamma-hydroxybutyrate for sedation in children
Meyer, S.; Gottschling, S.; Gortner, L.

 ·  Arginine-vasopressin in severe forms of septic shock
Meyer, S.; Shamdeen, G.; Gottschling, S.; Gortner, L.