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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.83 no.5 Porto Alegre Sept./Oct. 2007

 ·  Rubella vaccination strategy
Hinman, Alan R.

 ·  The beginning of a new era: systematic testing for pathogens causing acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) in children
Schmitt, Heinz-J.; Gröndahl, Britta; Schaaff, Franziska; Puppe, Wolfram

 Review Article
 ·  An evident view of evidence-based pratice in perinatal medicine: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
Sola, Augusto; Dieppa, Fernando Dominguez; Rogido, Marta R.

 Original Articles
 ·  Impact of rubella vaccination strategy on the occurrence of congenital rubella syndrome
Lanzieri, Tatiana Miranda; Pinto, Diana; Prevots, D. Rebecca

 ·  Surveillance of eight respiratory viruses in clinical samples of pediatric patients in Southeast Brazil
Thomazelli, Luciano M.; Vieira, Sandra; Leal, Andrea L.; Sousa, Thereza S.; Oliveira, Daniele B. L.; Golono, Miguel A.; Gillio, Alfredo E.; Stwien, Klaus E.; Erdman, Dean D.; Durigon, Edison L.

 ·  The association between cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiovascular risk in adolescents
Rodrigues, Anabel N.; Perez, Anselmo José; Carletti, Luciana; Bissoli, Nazaré S.; Abreu, Gláucia R.

 ·  Pursuing efficiency: international visibility of the scientific production of Brazilian graduate programs in child and adolescent health from 1998 through 2003
Goldani, Marcelo Z.; Gurgel, Ricardo Q.; Blank, Danilo; Gerolin, Jerônimo; Mari, Jair J.

 ·  Penile anthropometry in Brazilian child and adolescent
Gabrich, Pedro N.; Vasconcelos, Juliana S. P.; Damião, Ronaldo; Silva, Eloísio A. da

 ·  Breastfeeding in the treatment of children with phenylketonuria
Kanufre, Viviane C.; Starling, Ana L. P.; Leão, Ennio; Aguiar, Marcos J. B.; Santos, Jacqueline S.; Soares, Rosângelis D. L.; Silveira, Adriana M.

 ·  Self-medication in children and adolescents
Pereira, Francis S. V. T.; Bucaretchi, Fábio; Stephan, Celso; Cordeiro, Ricardo

 ·  The performance of parents of children receiving cow's milk free diets at indentification of commercial food products with and without cows's milk
Weber, Thabata Koester; Speridião, Patrícia da Graça Leite; Sdepanian, Vera Lucia; Fagundes Neto, Ulysses; Morais, Mauro Batista de

 ·  Early diagnosis of streptococcal pharyngotonsillitis: assessment by latex particle agglutination test
Fontes, Maria Jussara F.; Bottrel, Flávia B.; Fonseca, Maria Teresa M.; Lasmar, Laura B.; Diamante, Rosângela; Camargos, Paulo Augusto M.

 ·  Compliance with inhaled corticosteroid treatment: rates reported by guardians and measured by the pharmacy
Lasmar, Laura M. L. B. F.; Camargos, Paulo A. M.; Costa, Leila F.; Fonseca, Maria Teresa M.; Fontes, Maria Jussara F.; Ibiapina, Cassio C.; Alvim, Cristina G.; Moura, José A. R.; Goulart, Eugenio M. A.; Sakurai, Emilia

 Brief Communications
 ·  C-Reactive protein as an indicator of low intensity inflammation in children and adolescents with or without obesity
Brasil, Adriana R.; Norton, Rocksane C.; Rossetti, Márcia B.; Leão, Ennio; Mendes, Ricardo P.

 ·  Determination of plasma salbutamol concentrations after nebulization in a pediatric emergency department
Rotta, Eloni T.; Amantéa, Sérgio L.; Froehlich, Pedro E.; Becker, Adriana

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Transcutaneous bilirubinometry: important method in the evaluation of newborns with hyperbilirubinemia
Barbosa, Adauto Dutra Moraes