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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.83 no.6 Porto Alegre Nov./Dec. 2007

 ·  The journal impact factor today
Procianoy, Renato S.

 ·  Does critical illness and intensive care unit treatment contribute to neurocognitive and functional morbidity in pediatric patients?
Hopkins, Ramona O.

 ·  Indirect calorimetry: a potential but as yet unrealized technique for guiding nutritional management
Hay Jr., William W.; Thureen, Patti J.

 Review Article
 ·  Developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD)
Silveira, Patrícia P.; Portella, André K.; Goldani, Marcelo Z.; Barbieri, Marco A.

 Original Articles
 ·  The impact of admission to a pediatric intensive care unit assessed by means of global and cognitive performance scales
Alievi, Patrícia T.; Carvalho, Paulo R. A.; Trotta, Eliana A.; Mombelli Filho, Ricardo

 ·  Zinc serum levels and their association with vitamin A deficiency in preschool children
Ferraz, Ivan S.; Daneluzzi, Júlio C.; Vannucchi, Hélio; Jordão Jr., Alceu A.; Ricco, Rubens G.; Del Ciampo, Luiz A.; Martinelli Jr., Carlos E.; Engelberg, Alexander A. D'Angio; Bonilha, Luis R. C. M.; Custódio, Viviane I. C.

 ·  Echocardiographic abnormalities in children with obstructive breathing disorders during sleep
Weber, Silke Anna Theresa; Montovani, Jair Cortez; Matsubara, Beatriz; Fioretto, José Roberto

 ·  Incidence of hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes associated to the combined DTP/Hib vaccine used in Brazilian National Immunizations Program
Martins, Reinaldo M.; Camacho, Luiz A. B.; Lemos, Maria Cristina F.; Noronha, Tatiana G. de; Carvalho, Maria Helena C. de; Greffe, Nadja; Silva, Marli M. da; Périssé, André R.; Maia, Maria de Lourdes S.; Homma, Akira

 ·  The use of bioelectrical impedance to detect excess visceral and subcutaneous fat
Fernandes, Rômulo A.; Rosa, Clara S. C.; Buonani, Camila; Oliveira, Arli R. de; Freitas Júnior, Ismael F.

 ·  Gastroesophageal reflux and asthma in childhood: a study on their relationship using esophageal PH monitoring
Teixeira, Beatriz C.; Norton, Rocksane C.; Penna, Francisco J.; Camargos, Paulo A.; Lasmar, Laura M. L. B. F.; Macedo, Antonio V.

 ·  Effect of intervention on the rates of breastfeeding of very low birth weight newborns
Santoro Júnior, Walter; Martinez, Francisco Eulógio

 ·  Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in childhood: clinical and epidemiological characteristics and survival analysis at a single center in Northeast Brazil
Pedrosa, Márcia Ferreira; Pedrosa, Francisco; Lins, Mecneide M.; Pontes Neto, Nicodemos T.; Falbo, Gilliatt Hanois

 ·  Prevalence of allergic rhinitis and its impact on the use of emergency care services in a group of children and adolescents with moderate to severe persistent asthma
Lasmar, Laura M. L. B. F.; Camargos, Paulo A. M.; Ordones, Alexandre Beraldo; Gaspar, Guilherme Rache; Campos, Eduardo Goulart; Ribeiro, Gustavo Augusto

 ·  Childhood cancer: maternal perceptions and strategies for coping with diagnosis
Beltrão, Marcela Rosa L. R.; Vasconcelos, Maria Gorete L.; Pontes, Cleide Maria; Albuquerque, Maria Clara

 Brief Communications
 ·  Indirect calorimetry: a tool to adjust energy expenditure in very low birth weight infants
Soares, Fernanda V. M.; Moreira, Maria E. L.; Abranches, Andrea D.; Ramos, José R. M.; Gomes Junior, Saint C. S.

 ·  Prevalence of plexiform neurofibroma in children and adolescents with type i neurofibromatosis
Darrigo Jr., Luiz G.; Geller, Mauro; Bonalumi Filho, Aguinaldo; Azulay, David R.

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Infectious diseases and daycare and preschool education
Gurgel, Ricardo Queiroz; Correia, Jailson de Barros

 ·  Efficacy of new microprocessed phototherapy system with five high intensity light emitting diodes (Super LED)
Facchini, Fernando Perazzini