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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.86 no.1 Porto Alegre Jan./Feb. 2010

 ·  Neonatal near miss: a potentially useful approach to assess quality of newborn care
Say, Lale

 ·  The next decade: cardiovascular risks, outcomes, prevention, and treatment in pediatric HIV infection
Miller, Tracie L.

 Review Articles
 ·  Obesity and asthma: association or coincidence?
Camilo, Daniella Fernandes; Ribeiro, José Dirceu; Toro, Adyleia Dalbo Contrera; Baracat, Emilio Carlos Elias; Barros Filho, Antonio de Azevedo

 ·  Home-based palliative care: challenges in the care of technology-dependent children
Floriani, Ciro A.

 Original Articles
 ·  Neonatal near miss approach in the 2005 WHO Global Survey Brazil
Pileggi, Cynthia; Souza, João P.; Cecatti, Jose G.; Faúndes, Anibal

 ·  Lipodystrophy syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors in children and adolescents infected with HIV/AIDS receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy
Werner, Maria L. F.; Pone, Marcos V. da S.; Fonseca, Vânia M.; Chaves, Célia R. M. de M.

 ·  Evaluation of implementation of humanized care to low weight newborns: the Kangaroo Method
Gontijo, Tarcísio L.; Meireles, Adriana L.; Malta, Deborah C.; Proietti, Fernando A.; Xavier, César C.

 ·  Differential diagnosis of neonatal cholestasis: clinical and laboratory parameters
Bellomo-Brandao, Maria Angela; Arnaut, Luciana Tonussi; Tommaso, Adriana M. A. De; Hessel, Gabriel

 ·  Hepatic steatosis in a school population of overweight and obese adolescents
Lira, Ana R. F.; Oliveira, Fernanda L. C.; Escrivão, Maria A. M. S.; Colugnati, Fernando A. B.; Taddei, José A. A. C.

 ·  Atopic dermatitis and ascariasis in children aged 2 to 10 years
Silva, Maria Teresa Nascimento; Souza, Valdenia M.; Bragagnoli, Gerson; Pereira, Teobaldo G. R.; Malagueño, Elizabeth

 ·  Estimation of energy and macronutrient intake at home and in the kindergarten programs in preschool children
Bernardi, Juliana Rombaldi; Cezaro, Carla De; Fisberg, Regina Mara; Fisberg, Mauro; Vitolo, Márcia Regina

 ·  Influence of breastfeeding type and maternal anemia on hemoglobin concentration in 6-month-old infants
Teixeira, Maria de Lourdes P. D.; Lira, Pedro I. C.; Coutinho, Sonia B.; Eickmann, Sophie H.; Lima, Marília de C.

 ·  Factors associated with intracranial hypertension in children and teenagers who suffered severe head injuries
Guerra, Sérgio Diniz; Carvalho, Luis Fernando Andrade; Affonseca, Carolina Araújo; Ferreira, Alexandre Rodrigues; Freire, Heliane Brant Machado

 ·  Frequency of public child care service use and associated factors
Vitolo, Márcia Regina; Gama, Cíntia Mendes; Campagnolo, Paula Dal Bó

 Brief Communication
 ·  Congenital toxoplasmosis from a chronically infected woman with reactivation of retinochoroiditis during pregnancy an underestimated event?
Andrade, Gláucia M. Q.; Vasconcelos-Santos, Daniel V.; Carellos, Ericka V. M.; Romanelli, Roberta M. C.; Vitor, Ricardo W. A.; Carneiro, Ana C. A. V.; Januario, Jose N.