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Jornal de Pediatria
On-line version ISSN 1678-4782


Table of contents
J. Pediatr. (Rio J.) vol.86 no.2 Porto Alegre Mar./Apr. 2010

 ·  Sweat testing: can the conductivity analysis take the place of the classic Gibson and Cooke technique?
Mastella, Gianni

 ·  Is obesity an emerging problem in Brazilian children and adolescents?
Butte, Nancy F.; Nguyen, Tuan Thanh

 Review Articles
 ·  Assessing clinical and spirometric control and the intensity of the inflammatory process in asthma
Andrade, Cláudia R. de; Chatkin, José Miguel; Camargos, Paulo Augusto M.

 ·  Is a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome applicable to children?
Pergher, Rafael Nardini Queiroz; Melo, Maria Edna de; Halpern, Alfredo; Mancini, Marcio Corrêa; Liga de Obesidade Infantil

 Original Articles
 ·  Comparison between classic Gibson and Cooke technique and sweat conductivity test in patients with and without cystic fibrosis
Mattar, Ana C. V.; Gomes, Eduardo N.; Adde, Fabíola V.; Leone, Claudio; Rodrigues, Joaquim C.

 ·  Comparison between the growth of Brazilian children and adolescents and the reference growth charts: data from a Brazilian project
Silva, Diego Augusto Santos; Pelegrini, Andreia; Petroski, Edio Luiz; Gaya, Adroaldo Cesar Araujo

 ·  Turner syndrome: a pediatric diagnosis frequently made by non-pediatricians
Carvalho, Annelise B.; Guerra-Junior, Gil; Baptista, Maria Tereza M.; Marques-de-Faria, Antonia Paula; Lemos-Marini, Sofia H. V. de; Maciel-Guerra, Andréa T.

 ·  Maternal consumption of flaxseed during lactation affects weight and hemoglobin level of offspring in rats
Cardozo, Ludmila F. M. F.; Soares, Lavínia L.; Chagas, Maurício A.; Boaventura, Gilson T.

 ·  Analysis of a learning assessment system for pediatric internship based upon objective structured clinical examination, clinical practice observation and written examination
Sandoval, Gloria E.; Valenzuela, Patricia M.; Monge, Marcela M.; Toso, Paulina A.; Triviño, Ximena C.; Wright, Ana C.; Paris, Enrique; Sánchez, Ignacio; Valdivia, Gonzalo S.

 ·  Serum levels of caffeine in umbilical cord and apnea of prematurity
Hentges, Cláudia Regina; Guedes, Renata Rostirola; Silveira, Rita C.; Procianoy, Renato S.

 ·  Acquisition of motor abilities up to independent walking in very low birth weight preterm infants
Volpi, Sandra C. P.; Rugolo, Lígia M. S. S.; Peraçoli, José C.; Corrente, José Eduardo

 ·  Ear piercing as a risk factor for contact allergy to nickel
Brandão, Marilda H. T.; Gontijo, Bernardo; Girundi, Marcela A.; Castro, Maria C. M. de

 ·  Characterization of rotavirus strains from day care centers: pre- and post-rotavirus vaccine era
Morillo, Simone G.; Luchs, Adriana; Cilli, Audrey; Costa, Fernanda F.; Carmona, Rita de Cassia C.; Timenetsky, Maria do Carmo S. T.

 ·  Electrocardiographic markers for the early detection of cardiac disease in patients with beta-thalassemia major
Nisli, Kemal; Taner, Yavuz; Naci, Oner; Zafer, Salcioglu; Zeynep, Karakas; Aygun, Dindar; Aydogan, Umrah; Eker, Rukiye; Ertugrul, Turkan

 Brief Communication
 ·  Open challenge for the diagnosis of cow's milk protein allergy
Correa, Fernanda Ferreira; Vieira, Mário César; Yamamoto, Danielle Reis; Speridião, Patrícia da Graça Leite; Morais, Mauro Batista de