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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
Print version ISSN 0034-7094


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Anestesiol. vol.57 no.6 Campinas Nov./Dec. 2007

 ·  The state of the art of unilateral spinal block
Imbelloni, Luiz Eduardo

 Scientific Articles
 ·  Evaluating the use of the tobin index when weaning patients from mechanical ventilation after general anesthesia
Mantovani, Nara de Cássia; Zuliani, Lúcia Maria Martins; Sano, Daniela Tiemi; Waisberg, Daniel Reis; Silva, Israel Ferreira da; Waisberg, Jaques

 ·  Perioperative analgesia with continuous epidural infusion of morphine combined with clonidine in children undergoing abdominal surgeries
Klamt, Jyrson Guilherme; Santoni, Magaly; Garcia, Luis Vicente; Stocche, Renato Mestriner

 ·  Evaluation of the aorta-to-radial artery pressure gradient in patients undergoing surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass
Carmona, Maria José Carvalho; Barboza Júnior, Luiz Carlos de Melo; Buscatti, Roberto Yara; Gaiotto, Fábio Antônio; Hueb, Alexandre Ciappina; Malbouisson, Luiz Marcelo Sá

 ·  Lactate as a predictor of mortality and multiple organ failure in patients with the systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Cicarelli, Domingos Dias; Vieira, Joaquim Edson; Benseñor, Fábio Ely Martins

 ·  Association between fasting blood glucose levels and perioperative morbimortality: retrospective study in surgical elderly patients
Segurado, Arthur Vitor Rosenti; Pedro, Flavia Salles Souza Pinotti; Gozzani, Judymara Lauzi; Mathias, Lígia Andrade da Silva Telles

 ·  Oxygen concentrators: evolution of inspired concentration of oxygen and repercussions in an anesthetized patient with CO2 absorber system. Pilot study
Moll, Jorge R.; Moll, Ana V. S.; Guttman, Armin; Torres Filho, Ivo P.; Ribeiro, Manoel C. S. Almeida; Mathias, Lígia Andrade da Silva Telles

 Clinical Reports
 ·  General anesthesia after failed spinal block for emergency surgery in a patient with mucopolysaccharidosis: case report
Barbosa, Fabiano Timbó; Borges, Eduardo Luiz de Araújo; Brandão, Roberta Ribeiro Marques

 ·  Anesthesia for cesarean section in a patient with familiar hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: case report
Stocche, Renato Mestriner; Garcia, Luis Vicente; Klamt, Jyrson Guilherme

 ·  Anesthesia for treatment of cardiac aspergillosis in a patient with thrombocytopenia and the judicious use of aprotinin
Soares, Raquel Reis; Albergaria, Viviane Ferreira; Lorentz, Michelle Nacur; Valadares, Friederike W.

 ·  Rhinoplasty in a patient with Von Willebrand disease: case report
Matos Junior, Roberto Martins; Godoy, Rogério da Costa; Gobbo, Mônica da Cunha; Lian Junior, João; Duz, Gilson Luis

 Miscelaneous Article
 ·  Ultrasound images of the brachial plexus in the axillary region
Conceição, Diogo Brüggemann da; Helayel, Pablo Escovedo; Carvalho, Francisco Amaral Egydio de; Wollmeister, Jaderson; Oliveira Filho, Getúlio Rodrigues de

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Postoperative analgesia for orthopedic surgeries of the hip and femur: comparison between psoas compartment and inguinal perivascular blocks
Geier, Karl Otto

 ·  Reply
Imbelloni, Luiz Eduardo; Beato, Lúcia; Beato, Carolina; Cordeiro, José Antônio