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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia
On-line version ISSN 1806-907X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Anestesiol. vol.59 no.1 Campinas Jan./Feb. 2009

Gozzani, Judymara Lauzi

 Scientific Article
 ·  50% enantiomeric excess hyperbaric bupivacaine (S75:R25) for infraumbilical surgeries: study with different volumes
Imbelloni, Luiz Eduardo; Cordeiro, José Antônio

 ·  Ephedrine versus phenylephrine: prevention of hypotension during spinal block for cesarean section and effects on the fetus
Magalhães, Edno; Govêia, Catia Sousa; Ladeira, Luís Cláudio de Araújo; Nascimento, Bruno Góis; Kluthcouski, Sérgio Murilo Cavalcante

 ·  Comparison of the FiO2 delivered by seven models of the self-inflating bag-mask system
Godoy, Armando Carlos Franco de; Vieira, Ronan José

 ·  Oral midazolam as pre-anesthetic medication in children and teenagers with cerebral palsy: a comparative study on the variations of the bispectral index
Costa, Verônica Vieira da; Torres, Rafael Villela Silva Derré; Arci, Érika Carvalho Pires; Saraiva, Renato Ângelo

 ·  Impact of induced cardiac arrest on cognitive function after implantation of a cardioverter-defibrillator
Silva, Mauro Prado da; Rivetti, Luiz Antonio; Mathias, Lígia Andrade Silva Telles; Cagno, Guilherme; Matsui, Christiano

 ·  A study on electrocardiographic changes secondary to the use of tricyclic antidepressants in patients with chronic pain
Cunha Jr., Ricardo Joaquim da; Barrucand, Louis; Verçosa, Nubia

 ·  Temperature control in conventional abdominal surgery: comparison between conductive and the association of conductive and convective warming
Pagnocca, Marcelo Lacava; Tai, Eun Joo; Dwan, Joana L.

 Clinical Report
 ·  Transfusion-related acute lung injury (Trali) after mastectomy with microsur-gical breast reconstruction
Sluminsky, Beatriz Garcia; Silva, Ranger Cavalcante da

 ·  Anesthetic management of a patient with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome): case report
Goulart, Alexandre Palmeira; Moro, Eduardo Toshiyuki; Guasti, Valter Moreno; Colares, Régis Faria

 ·  Anesthesia for bariatric surgery in an achondroplastic dwarf with morbid obesity
Abrão, Maria Angélica; Silveira, Vinícius Gomes da; Barcellos, Carlos Frederico Loretti Vaz de Almeida; Cosenza, Roberta Costa Marques; Carneiro, João Régis Ivar

 Review Article
 ·  Review of the use of gabapentin in the control of postoperative pain
Clivatti, Jefferson; Sakata, Rioko Kimiko; Issy, Adriana Machado

 ·  When the bispectral index (Bis) can give false results
Duarte, Leonardo Teixeira Domingues; Saraiva, Renato Ângelo

 ·  Occupational exposure to anesthetic gases residue
Oliveira, Carlos Rogério Degrandi

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  Comparison of histologic spinal cord and neurologic changes in guinea pigs after subarachnoid block with large volumes of racemic bupivacaine, 50% enantiomeric excess bupivacaine (S75-R25), and levobupivacaine
Simonetti, Maria P.B.

 ·  Reply
Vasconcelos, Paulo

 ·  Continuous infusion of remifentanil vs. sufentanil in videolaparoscopic surgeries: a comparative study
Nora, Fernando Squeff; Simoni, Ricardo

 ·  Death notice
Tonelli, Deoclecio