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Revista de Administração Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-7612


Table of contents
Rev. Adm. Pública vol.45 no.5 Rio de Janeiro Sept./Oct. 2011

Palavras da diretora
Zouain, Deborah Moraes

 ·  Organizational commitment: a study at the court of the State of Minas Gerais
Botelho, Renata Dias; Paiva, Kely César Martins de

 ·  Organizational culture: synergies and allergies between Hofstede and Trompenaars
Lacerda, Daniel Pacheco

 ·  Adoption of electronic patient record in teaching hospitals in Brazil and Spain: the perception of health professionals
Farias, Josivania Silva; Guimaraes, Tomas de Aquino; Vargas, Eduardo Raupp de; Albuquerque, Pedro Henrique Melo

 ·  Substantive rationality on decision making process: a study in institutions that deal with children and teenager cancer treatment in the city of Natal (RN)
Silva, Miriam Soares de Oliveira e; Fernandes, Antônio Sérgio Araújo

 ·  Individual and collective results of competitive and collaborative strategies in three rural associations from the region of Quatro Pontes (PR)
Kunzler, Mali Teresinha; Bulgacov, Sergio

 ·  Political controls over the bureaucracy
Olivieri, Cecília

 ·  The application of balance sheet analysis and statistical methods in public sector: the ranking of management of municipalities from Santa Catarina
Soares, Maurélio; Lyra, Ricardo Luiz Wüst Corrêa de; Hein, Nelson; Kroenke, Adriana

 ·  Construction and validation of a diagnosis measure of competencies related to mayor and municipal secretary's functions
Moraes, Valéria Vieira de; Borges-Andrade, Jairo Eduardo; Queiroga, Fabiana

 ·  Government: a partner not always remembered by companies, when developing R&D activities
Santos, Manoela Silveira dos; Pinheiro, Ivan Antônio

 ·  Cooperation and interaction of based-technology incubators enterprises: an analysis in light of the new innovation paradigm
Iacono, Antonio; Almeida, Carlos Augusto Silva de; Nagano, Marcelo Seido

 ·  The work market: multiple (mis)understandings
Oliveira, Sidinei Rocha de; Piccinini, Valmiria Carolina

 ·  Social responsibility in administration's education: an exploratory study about the vision of the undergraduate students
Silva, Renata Céli Moreira da; Chauvel, Marie Agnes

 ·  Reflections for a framework of the public sector cost information
Cardoso, Ricardo Lopes; Aquino, André Carlos Busanelli de; Bitti, Eugenio José da Silva

 Special Features
 ·  Information technology as a tool for economic and finacial analysis in support of the decision-making for micro and small business
Sant'anna, Paulo Roberto de; Longo, Orlando Celso; Barone, Francisco Marcelo; Cova, Carlos José Guimarães; Oliveira, Fernando Augusto Lagoeiro de

 ·  Crisis and obstacles in the evaluation of a public policy: II
Monteiro, Jorge Vianna