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Revista de Administração Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-7612


Table of contents
Rev. Adm. Pública vol.45 no.6 Rio de Janeiro Nov./Dec. 2011

The director's words
Zouain, Deborah Moraes

 ·  The asymmetries between sectoral policies and the regional planning policy in Brazil
Rocha Neto, João Mendes da; Borges, Djalma Freire

 ·  Water conflicts and negotiated allocation in Northern Brazil: the case of Carás valley in Ceará
Pinheiro, Maria Inês Teixeira; Campos, José Nilson B.; Studart, Ticiana M. de Carvalho

 ·  Context, content and process of the strategic change in a state-owned entreprise of the Brazilian electricity sector
Gohr, Cláudia Fabiana; Santos, Luciano Costa

 ·  From lethargy to re-emergence: notes of undergraduate education in brazilian public administration during the crisis of state and country redemocradization (1983-94)
Coelho, Fernando de Souza; Olenscki, Antonio Roberto Bono; Celso, Rafael Prado

 ·  Sending Montesquieu over the board: the case of non-conformity to the constitutional precepts of independence among the powers of the republic
Pinheiro, Ivan Antônio; Vieira, Luciano José Martins; Motta, Paulo Cesar Delayti

 ·  Memory and past social formalization in organizations
Costa, Alessandra de Sá Mello da; Saraiva, Luiz Alex Silva

 ·  Policy decentralization under the new institutionalism approach: a literature review
Cavalcante, Pedro

 ·  Human resources dimensioning in food and nutrition hospital services in public and private hospitals
Santos, Rita de Cássia Lusia dos; Diez-Garcia, Rosa Wanda

 ·  Rigidity and subjectivities: a cultural analysis in a police organization
Lopes Júnior, Elias Pereira; Paiva, Thiago Alves; Muzzio, Henrique; Costa, Francisco José da

 ·  On the international cooperation for development governance: actors, intentions and perspectives
Santos, Claire Gomes dos; Carrion, Rosinha da Silva Machado

 ·  Scientific cooperation network analysis through the coauthors studies of the published articles in Anpad events about the assessment of the public policies
Capobiango, Ronan Pereira; Silveira, Suely de Fátima Ramos; Zerbato, Cristiano; Mendes, Alcindo Cipriano Argolo

 ·  Executive evaluation of indicators in Minas Gerais state government: implementation analysis of a monitoring and evaluation tool
Gonçalves, Éber; Braga, Felipe Michel Santos Araújo; Campos, Eder Sá Alves

 ·  Values and public space: frameworks and tools for evaluation of social projects
Cabral, Eloisa Helena de Souza

 ·  Governmental instruments: reflections for a research agenda on implementation of public policies in Brazil
Ollaik, Leila Giandoni; Medeiros, Janann Joslin

 Special Features
 ·  The scientific production in family business: a conceptual approach
Moraes Filho, Antonio Carlos Trindade de; Barone, Francisco Marcelo; Pinto, Marcos de Oliveira

 ·  Recovery fragmented and industry influence
Monteiro, Jorge Vianna