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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


HIV prevention in the context of social vulnerability

Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.36 no.4 suppl.0 São Paulo Aug. 2002

 ·  Public health and social responsability

 ·  HIV/AIDS: democratic evaluation and colective knowledge build-up
Parker, Richard

 ·  Training professionals and activists to evaluate HIV and AIDS prevention projects
Paiva, Vera; Buchalla, Cassia Maria; Ayres, José Ricardo C M; Hearst, Norman

 Original Articles
 ·  Reproduction and sexuality in HIV-positive women, Brazil
Santos, Naila JS; Buchalla, Cassia Maria; Fillipe, Elvira Ventura; Bugamelli, Laura; Garcia, Sonia; Paiva, Vera

 ·  Daily sources of stress among HIV-positive women
Tunala, Leticia Gaspar

 ·  Psychosocial aspects of HIV infection among women in Brazil
Alves, Rozilda Neves; Kovács, Maria Júlia; Stall, Ron; Paiva, Vera

 ·  The meaning of fidelity and Aids prevention strategies among married men
Silva, Cristiane Gonçalves Meireles da

 ·  Masculinity and vulnerability to HIV among heterosexual men in São Paulo, Brazil
Guerriero, Iara; Ayres, José Ricardo CM; Hearst, Norman

 ·  Vulnerability to HIV and AIDS of short distance truck drivers stationed, Brazil
Villarinho, Luciana; Bezerra, Ivanilda; Lacerda, Regina; Latorre, Maria do Rosario Dias de Oliveira; Paiva, Vera; Stall, Ron; Hearst, Norman

 ·  Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS among junior professional players
Silva, Wilson Aparecido; Buchalla, Cassia Maria; Paiva, Vera; Latorre, Maria do Rosário Dias de Oliveira; Stall, Ron; Hearst, Norman

 ·  AIDS prevention among incarcerated teenagers, Brazil
Peres, Camila Alves; Paiva, Vera; Silveira, Fernando da; Peres, Rodrigo Alves; Hearst, Norman

 ·  Female juvenile prostitution and AIDS prevention programs in Brazil
Simon, Cristiane Paulin; Silva, Rosalina Carvalho da; Paiva, Vera

 ·  Differences in AIDS prevention among young men and women of public schools in Brazil
Antunes, Maria Cristina; Peres, Camila Alves; Paiva, Vera; Stall, Ron; Hearst, Norman

 ·  Community based intervention and reduction of women's vulnerability to STD/AIDS in Brazil
Figueiredo, Regina; Ayres, José Ricardo CM

 ·  Limitations of multiprofessional work: a case study of STD/AIDS reference centers
Silva, Neide Emy Kurokawa e; Oliveira, Luzia Aparecida; Figueiredo, Wagner dos Santos; Landroni, Maria Angela da Silva; Waldman, Chang Chung Sing; Ayres, José Ricardo CM

 ·  From understanding social vulnerability to a multidisciplinar outlook
Buchalla, Cassia Maria; Paiva, Vera