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Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Print version ISSN 0036-4665


Table of contents
Rev. Inst. Med. trop. S. Paulo vol.37 no.5 São Paulo Sept./Oct. 1995

 ·  Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) isolated from AIDS patients and the criteria required for its implication in disease
Hadad, David Jamil; Palhares, Maria Cecília de Almeida; Placco, Anna Luiza Nunes; Domingues, Carmem Silvia Bruniera; Castelo Filho, Adauto; Ferrazoli, Lucilaine; Ueki, Sueli Yoko Mizuka; Telles, Maria Alice da Silva; Martins, Maria Conceição; Palaci, Moisés

 ·  Detection of Cryptococcus neoformans capsular polysaccharide antigen in asymptomatic HIV-infected patients
Negroni, R.; Cendoya, C.; Arechavala, A.I.; Robles, A.M.; Bianchi, M.; Bava, A.J.; Helou, S.

 ·  Interferon gamma increases survival in urine experimental cryptococcosis
Bava, Amadeo J.; Afeltra, Javier; Negroni, Ricardo; Diez, Roberto A.

 ·  Fungal infections in neutropenic patients: a 8-year prospective study
Nucci, Marcio; Pulcheri, Wolmar; Spector, Nelson; Bueno, Ana Paula; Bacha, Paulo Cesar; Caiuby, Maria Julieta; Derossi, Andrea; Costa, Rosane; Morals, José Carlos; Oliveira, Halley Pacheco de

 ·  Clinical and endoscopic findings in the mucosae of the upper respiratory and digestive tracts in post-treatment follow-up of paracoccidioidomycosis patients
Valle, Antonio Carlos Francesconi do; Aprigliano Filho, Flavio; Moreira, João Soares; Wanke, Bodo

 ·  Chagas' disease in the Brazilian Amazon: III. a cross-sectional sutdy
Coura, José Rodrigues; Willcox, Henry Percy Faraco; Naranjo, Margarita Arboleda; Fernandes, Octavio; Paiva, Daurita Darci de

 ·  Serological findings during a measles outbreak occurring in a population with vaccine coverage
Oliveira, Solange A.; Siqueira, Marilda M.; Costa, Antonio J.L.; Almeida, Maria T.C.; Nascimento, Jussara P.

 ·  Risk factors and prevalence of antibodies against hepatitis A virus (HAV) in children from day-care centers, in Goiania, Brazil
Queiróz, D.A.O.; Cardoso, D.D.P.; Martelli, C.M.T.; Martins, R.M.B.; Porto, S.O.B.; Borges, A.M.T.; Azevedo, M.S.P.; Daher, R.R.

 ·  Hyperimmune antirabies sera titration by standard mouse neutralization and counterimmunoelectrophoresis tests, comparing results of different laboratories
Díaz, Ana Maria; Valentini, Elizabeth Juliana Ghiuro; Albas, Avelino; Fuches, Regina Maria Mourão; Gallina, Neuza Maria Frazatti

 ·  Schistosoma mansoni Sambon, 1907: comparative morphologica studies of some Brazilian strains
Machado-Silva, José Roberto; Galvão, Cleber; Oliveira, Regina Maria Figueiredo de; Presgrave, Octavio Augusto França; Gomes, Delir Corrêa

 Clinical and Laboratorial Studies
 ·  The value of adenosine deaminase (ADA) determination in the diagnosis of tuberculous ascites
Brant, Cesar Q.; Silva Jr., Mario R.; Macedo, Erica P.; Vasconcelos, Claudio; Tamaki, Natalina; Ferraz, M. Lucia G.

 ·  Autoantibodies before, during and after administration of recombinant interferon-a for chronic viral hepatitis
Lopes, Edmundo P.A.; Silva, A. Eduardo; Sette Junior, Hoel; Guimarães, Rubens X.; Ferraz, M. Lucia

 ·  Is CK-MB isoenzyme useful for diagnosis of cardiac involvement in icteric leptospirosis?
Machado, Elizabeth Stankiewicz; Feres, José Guilherme de Faria; Feijó, Luis Augusto; Andrade, Jarbas; Nogueira, Susie Andries

 ·  The relevance of laboratory diagnosis of human cryptosporidiosis and other coccidia
Garlipp, C.R.; Bottini, P.V.; Teixeira, A.T.L.S.

 Brief communication
 ·  Parasitological diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni: concomitant utilization of Kato-Katz method and hatching test
Lemos, Clarice P. Abrantes; Lima, Dirce Mary C.; Silva, Luiz Caetano da; Chieffi, Pedro Paulo

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 ·  Size of Cryptosporidium oocysts excreted by symptomatic children of Santiago, Chile
Mercado, R.; Santander, F.

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 Book review
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