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Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
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Rev. Inst. Med. trop. S. Paulo vol.51 no.4 São Paulo July/Aug. 2009

 ·  Lymph scrotum: an unusual urological presentation of lymphatic filariasis. A case series study
Aguiar-Santos, Ana Maria; Leal-Cruz, Marcela; Netto, Maria José; Carrera, Arturo; Lima, Guilherme; Rocha, Abraham

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 ·  A serological study of cysticercosis in patients with HIV
Parija, Subhash Chandra; Gireesh, A.R.

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 ·  High prevalence and association of HIV-1 non-B subtype with specific sexual transmission risk among antiretroviral naïve patients in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Dias, Cláudia Fontoura; Nunes, Cynara Carvalho; Freitas, Isabela Osório; Lamego, Isabel Saraiva; Oliveira, Ilda Maria Rodrigues de; Gilli, Sabrina; Rodrigues, Rosângela; Brigido, Luis Fernando

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 ·  HTLV- I infection is not associated with a higher risk of death in peruvian HIV-infected patients
Collins, Jaime A.; Hernández, Adrián V.; Hidalgo, José A.; Salazar, Raúl; Almenara Hospital AIDS Working Group

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 Nosocomial infections
 ·  Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases among Enterobacteriaceae isolated in a public hospital in Brazil
Dropa, Milena; Balsalobre, Livia C.; Lincopan, Nilton; Mamizuka, Elsa M.; Murakami, Thays; Cassettari, Valéria C.; Franco, Fábio; Guida, Stella M.; Balabakis, Angelica J.; Passadore, Lilian F.; Santos, Silvia R.; Matté, Glavur R.; Matté, Maria H.

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 ·  Risk factors for and mortality of extended-spectrum-β-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli nosocomial bloodstream infections
Superti, Silvana Vargas; Augusti, Gustavo; Zavascki, Alexandre Prehn

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 Brief Communication
 ·  Common beach sand contamination due to enteroparasites on the southern coast of Pernambuco State, Brazil
Silva, Pompéia Freire da; Cavalcanti, Isabela Melo Diniz; Irmão, João Inácio; Rocha, Francisca Janaina Soares

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 ·  Ascaris lumbricoides: alteration of the erythrocyte superficial charge using the Partition Method in aqueous two-phase system
Ponce de León, Patricia; Lebensohn, Natalia; Foresto, Patricia; Valverde, Juana

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 ·  Intestinal parasites inside public restrooms and buses from the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Borges, Clarissa A.; Costa-Cruz, Julia M.; Paula, Fabiana M. de

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 ·  Molecular epidemiology of adenovirus conjunctivitis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between 2004 and 2007
Maranhão, Adriana G.; Soares, Caroline C.; Albuquerque, Maria Carolina M.; Santos, Norma

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 Case Report
 ·  Two cases of visceral leishmaniasis in Colombia resistant to meglumine antimonial treatment
Vélez, Iván Darío; Colmenares, Lina María; Muñoz, Carlos Aguirre

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 ·  Spontaneous resolution of zoonotic sporotrichosis during pregnancy
Almeida Jr., Hiram Larangeira de; Lettnin, Cristiane Borges Evaldt; Barbosa, Juliana Lima; Dias, Márcia Cristiane Feltrin

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