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Revista do Hospital das Clínicas
Print version ISSN 0041-8781


Table of contents
Rev. Hosp. Clin. vol.57 no.6 São Paulo  2002

 ·  New Migraine Prophylactic Drug Options
Gherpelli, José Luiz Dias

 Original Articles
 ·  Adrenocortical tumors: results of treatment and study of Weiss's score as a prognostic factor
Lucon, Antonio Marmo; Pereira, Maria Adelaide; Mendonça, Berenice B.; Zerbini, Maria Claudia; Saldanha, Luiz B.; Arap, Sami

 ·  An experimental model for the transplantation of fetal central nervous system cells to the injured spinal cord in rats
Barros Filho, Tarcísio Eloy Pessoa de; Oliveira, Reginaldo Perilo de; Tsanaclis, Ana Maria; Barros, Erika Meirelles Kalil Pessoa de; Cristante, Alexandre Fogaça; Palma, Ricardo Moreira; Santos, Cristian Vilela dos; Marcon, Raphael Martus

 ·  Quantitative analysis of collagen and elastic fibers in the transversalis fascia in direct and indirect inguinal hernia
Rodrigues Junior, Aldo Junqueira; Rodrigues, Consuelo Junqueira; Cunha, Ana Claudia Pereira da; Jin, Yoo

 ·  Salivary gland tumors in a Brazilian population: a retrospective study of 124 cases
Vargas, Pablo Agustin; Gerhard, Renê; Araújo Filho, Vergílius J. F.; Castro, Inês Vieira de

 ·  Analysis of human leukocyte antigens class II-DR in Brazilian children and adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus
Liphaus, Bernadete de L.; Goldberg, Anna Carla; Kiss, Maria Helena B.; Silva, Clovis A. A.

 Case Report
 ·  Thumb metastasis from small cell lung cancer treated with radiation
Carvalho, Heloisa de Andrade; Tsai, Paulo W. C.; Takagaki, Teresa Yae

 ·  Prostate innervation and local anesthesia in prostate procedures
Rodrigues, Alexandre Oliveira; Machado, Marcos Tobias; Wroclawski, Eric Roger

 ·  New migraine preventive options: an update with pathophysiological considerations
Bigal, Marcelo E.; Rapoport, Alan M.; Sheftell, Fred D.; Tepper, Stewart J.

 ·  Nutrition for the pediatric surgical patient: approach in the peri-operative period
Falcão, Mário Cícero; Tannuri, Uenis