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Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz
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Table of contents
An. Esc. Super. Agric. Luiz de Queiroz vol.47 no.2 Piracicaba  1990

 Pest Control
 ·  The tropical mite on cotton Polwhaqolarswnemus latus (Banks, 1904) (Acari: Tarsonemidae) and test of chemical control
Rangel, R.C.; Hamamura, R.; Regitano, E.B.; Arashiro, F.Y.; Rangel, M.C.; Clari, A.I.; Mariconi, F.A.M.

 ·  Pesticides control of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1836 on cotton
Swart, M.; Pazini, M.R.; Ciniglio Neto, F.; Rangel, R.C.; Mariconi, F.A.M.

 ·  Comparative biology of Nusalala uruguaya (Navás, 1923) (Neuroptera; Hemerobiidae) fed with different aphid species: I. Larval stage
Souza, B.; Matioli, J.C.; Ciociola, A.I.

 Plant Physiology
 ·  Phytometers and light distribution in rubber tree canopy
Castro, P.R.C.; Barbosa, L.M.; Nastri, V.D.F.; Angelocci, L.R.

 ·  Effects of plant growth regulators on morphological features and the yield of strawberry (Fragaria x. ananassa) 'Sequóia'
Miranda-Stalder, S.H.G.; Appezzato-da Glória, B.; Castro, P.R.C.

 Crop Science
 ·  Evaluation of imbibition and the initial development of the embryonic structures of corn seeds submited to different water potentials
Silva, W.R.da; Marcos Filho, J.

 ·  Development of corn seedlings after a period of exposition to various water potential
Silva, W.R. da; Marcos Filho, J.

 ·  Corn seedling development as affected by physiologically conditioning seed germination under various water availability conditions
Silva, W.R.da; Marcos Filho, J.

 Animal Nutrition
 ·  Effect of sodium bicarbonate, grass hay und untreated bagasse on the performance of growing zebu cattle fed steam treated sugarcane bagasse
Lanna, D.P.D.; Boin, C.

 Plant Nutrition
 ·  Growth and nutrients extraction by a crop of ginger (Zingeber officinalis Rosae, var. Brasil)
Haag, H.F.; Saito, S.; Dechen, A.R.; Carmello, Q. A. C.

 ·  Quantities of nutrients removed by the fruits of four mango varieties
Haag, H.P.; Souza, M.K.P.; Carraello, Q.A.C.; Dechen, A.R.

 ·  Mineral nutrition of vegetable crops: LXXXIX. Growth and accumulation of macro and micronutrients in sweet corn
Haag, H.P.; Minami, K.; Sesso, M.V.

 ·  Mineral nutrition of vegetable crops: XC. Macronutrients, boron and zinc defficiencies in sweet corn
Haag, H.P.; Dechen, A.R.; Carmello, Q.A.C.

 ·  Aluminum effeting the concentration and accumulation of Ca, Mg and S in Hevea spp
Bueno, N.; Haag, H.P.; Pereira, J.da P.; Viigas, J.M.

 ·  Drainage patterns of soils in the Iracemapolis region, state of São Paulo
França, G.V.; Demattê, J.A.M.

 Agroindustrial Technology
 ·  Aerobic digestion of cheese whey
Lacerda, T.H.M.; Oliveira,; Caruso, J.G.B.

 ·  Fermentative capacity of (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) enriched with fatty acids
Gutierrez, L.E.; Annicchino, A.V.K.O.; Lucatti, L.

 ·  Trehalose accumulation of strains of Saccharomyces during alcoholic fermentation
Gutierrez, L.E.

 Food Technology
 ·  Utilization of pumpkin and squash fruits in the production of sweet condensed caramelized milk "dulce de leche" with coconut
Souza,; Oliveira,; Shirose, I.; Valle,; Carvalho, C.R.L.

 ·  Evaluation of "minimum-care" treated textiles
Valério, A.CR.; Furtuoso, M.C.O.; Canale, A.Z.