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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
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Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz vol.89 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Mar. 1994

A Salmonella agona outbreak in a pediatric hospital in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Asensi, Marise Dutra; Solari, Claude André; Hofer, Ernesto

An outbreak of diarrhoea associated with rotavirus serotype 1 in a day care nursery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Castro, Liane de; Rodrigues, Dalia dos Prazeres; Flauzino, Regina; Moura, Marta; Leite, José Paulo Gagliardi

Factors influencing predation of the Waterbugs Sphaerodema annulatum (Fab.) and S. rusticum (Fab.) on the Disease Transmitting Snail Lymnaea (Radix) luteola (Lamarck)
Roy, J. K.; Raut, S. K.

Ultrastructural aspects of virus replication in one fatal case and several other isolates from a dengue type 2 outbreak in Rio de Janeiro
Barth, Ortrud Monika; Côrtes, Luzia Monteiro de Castro; Lampe, Elisabeth; Farias Filho, José da Costa

Culicoides labotoi, a new brazilian biting midge of the Limai Group (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
Felippe-Bauer, Maria Luiza; Quintelas, Adília R.

Notes on the biology of Amblyomma dissimile Kock, 1844 (Acari: Ixodida) on Bufo marinus (Linnaeus, 1758) from Brazil
Schumaker, Teresinha Tizu Sato; Barros, Darci Moraes

Helminth parasites of conventionally mantained laboratory mice
Pinto, Roberto Magalhães; Vicente, J. Julio; Noronha, Dely; Gonçalves, L.; Gomes, Delir Corrêa

Trypanosoma cruzi infection in the opossum Didelphis marsupialis: absence of neonatal transmission and protection by maternal antibodies in experimental infections
Jansen, Ana M.; Madeira, Fatima B.; Deane, Maria P.

A simple and economic slide micro-immunoenzymatic (Micro-SIA) test for epidemiological studies of toxoplasmosis
Rosenzvit, Mara; Angel, Sergio; Alvarez, Luis; Mellare, Viviana; Blanco, Jorge; Pszenny, Viviana; Garberi, Juan Carlos

Standardization and evaluation of ELISA for the serodiagnosis of amoebic liver abscess
Nicholls, R. Santiago; Restrepo, Marcos I.; Duque, Sofia; Lopez, M. Consuelo; Corredor, Augusto

HTLV-I associated cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: report of a case with atypical clinical presentation
Bittencourt, Achiléa Lisboa; Fernandes, Dilson J.; Sampaio Filho, Carlos; Moreira Junior, Edson Duarte; Ribeiro, Terezinha T.; Harrington Junior, William

Parasite and egg burden, hepatic collagen and histologic pattern of liver granulomas in selection III high and low antibody responder mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni
Catapani, W. R.; Parise, E. R.; Mor, M. M. B. L.; Sadigursky, M.; Andrade, Z. A.; Sant'Anna, O. A.; Miszputen, S. J.; Siqueira, M.

Sialoglycoconjugates in Trypanosoma cruzi-host cell interaction: possible biological model - a review
Vermelho, Alane Beatriz; Meirelles, Maria Nazareth Leal

Induction of synthesis of the rat cystatin S protein by the submandibular gland during the acute phase of experimental Chagas disease
Alves, J. B.; Alves, M. S. D.; Naito, Y.

Survey of the irp2 gene among Yersinia pestis strains isolated during several plague outbreaks in northeast Brazil
Almeida, Alzira M. P. de; Guiyoule, Annie; Leal, Nilma C.; Carniel, Elisabeth

Effect of magnesium chloride and guanidinum chloride on the extraction of components of extracellular matrix from chicken cartilage
Arcanjo, Kátia Denise Souza; Gomes, Laurecir; Pimentel, Edson Rosa

Protein recovery, separation and purification: selection of optimal techniques using an expert system
Leser, Eduardo W.; Asenjo, Juan A.

Trypomastigotes in cultures of Blastocrithidia culicis (Novy, MacNeal & Torrey, 1907) (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae)
Sousa, Maria Auxiliadora de

Correlation between anti-V3 peptide and neutralizing antibodies in plasma from HIV-1 infected individuals resident in Brazil
Bongertz, Vera; Morgado, Mariza G.; Galvão Castro, Bernardo; Wigzell, Hans; Hendry, R. Michael

Bengal: el tor cholera vibrio in a new robe
Salles, Carlos Andre; Momen, Hooman; Coelho, Ana Maria; Oliveira, Eliana Fernandes de; Vicente, Ana Carolina Paulo; Nair, G. Balakrish

The effect of cholera toxin and its toxoid on ileal loops of the rat
Heneine, Ibrahim Felippe; Rocha, Orivaldo A.; Cassali, Geovanni D.

Echinopardalis sp. (Acanthocephala, Oligacanthorhynchidae) eggs in felid coprolites dated from 9,000 years before present, found in the Brazilian northeast
Noronha, Dely; Ferreira, Luiz Fernando; Rangel, Adriana; Araujo, Adauto; Gomes, Delir Corrêa

Natural infection of Phyllocaulis soleiformis with larvae morphologically similar to L2 of Angiostrongylus costaricensis
Graeff-Teixeira, Carlos; Pinto, Viviane M.; Busato Junior, Enio; Agostini, Aventino A.

Parasitism by Primasubulura jacchi (Marcel, 1857) Inglis, 1958 and Trichospirura leptostoma Smith and Chitwood, 1967 in Callithrix penicillata marmosets, trapped in the wild environment and maintained in captivity
Resende, Dalva Maria de; Pereira, Leógenes Horácio; Melo, Alan Lane de; Tafuri, Washington Luis; Moreira, Narciza I. Brant; Oliveira, Carmen Lúcia de

Long-term patency of blood parasitism by Trypanosoma minasense and Microfilariae in Callithrix penicillata marmosets (Primates, Callitrichidae), caught at the wild and maintened in captivity
Resende, Dalva Maria de; Pereira, Leógenes Horácio; Lôbo, Airton

Noteworthy records of Ixodes auritulus Neumann, 1904 (Acari, Ixodida) on birds from Paraná, southern Brazil
Arzua, Marcia; Barros, Darci Moraes; Linardi, Pedro Marcos; Botelho, José Ramiro

Oswaldo Gonçalves Cruz: 5.8.1872-11.2.1917
Coura, José Rodrigues