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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
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New perspectives in Eosinophils. Role in information Associated with Allergy, Asthma and Parasitic Disease

Table of contents
Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz vol.92  s.2 Rio de Janeiro Dec. 1997

Moqbel, Redwan

Weller, Peter F

 Understanding the dual role of eosinophils
 ·  From allergy to schistosomes: role of Fc receptors and adhesion molecules in eosinophil effector function
Nutten, Sophie; Trottein, François; Gounni, Abdelillah Soussi; Papin, Jean-Paul; Capron, André; Capron, Monique

 ·  The pro-allergic influences of helminth parasites
Pritchard, David I

 ·  Immunological system and Schistosoma mansoni: co-evolutionary immunobiology. What is the eosinophil role in parasite-host relationship?
Lenzi, Henrique L; Pacheco, Ronaldo G; Pelajo-Machado, Marcelo; Panasco, Mônica S; Romanha, Waldemiro S; Lenzi, Jane A

 ·  Bone marrow contribution to eosinophilic inflammation
Denburg, Judah A; Wood, Lorna; Gauvreau, Gail; Sehmi, Roma; Inman, Mark D; O'Byrne, Paul M

 ·  Modulatory role of eosinophils in allergic inflammation: new evidence for a rather outdated concept
Bandeira-Melo, Christianne; Cordeiro, Renato SB; Silva, Patrícia MR; Martins, Marco A

 Role of cytokines
 ·  Immune responses of IL-5 transgenic mice to parasites and aeroallergens
Dent, LA; Daly, C; Geddes, A; Cormie, J; Finlay, DA; Bignold, L; Hagan, P; Parkhouse, RME; Garate, T; Parsons, J; Mayrhofer, G

 ·  Interleukin-4 and interleukin-5 as targets for the inhibition of eosinophilic inflammation and allergic airways hyperreactivity
Foster, Paul S; Hogan, Simon P; Matthaei, Klaus I; Young, Ian G

 ·  The role of interleukin-5 (IL-5 ) in vivo: studies with IL-5 deficient mice
Matthaei, Klaus I; Foster, Paul S; Young, Ian G

 ·  Pulmonary biology of anti-interleukin 5 antibodies
Egan, RW; Athwahl, D; Chou, C-C; Chapman, RW; Emtage, S; Jenh, C-H; Kung, TT; Mauser, PJ; Murgolo, NJ; Bodmer, MW

 ·  IL-5 and IL-5 receptor in asthma
Kotsimbos, ATC; Hamid, Q

 ·  The enigmatic eosinophil: investigation of the biological role of eosinophils in parasitic helmint infection
Ovington, Karen S; Behm, Carolyn A

 ·  The debate over the effector function of eosinophils in helminth infection: new evidence from studies on the regulation of vaccine immunity by IL-12
Wynn, Thomas A

 ·  Cytokines in the modulation of eosinophilia
Faccioli, Lúcia H; Vargaftig, BB; Medeiros, Alexandra I; Malheiros, Adriana

 Eosinophil activation
 ·  Signal transduction and activation of the NADPH oxidase in eosinophils
Lindsay, Mark A; Giembycz, Mark A

 ·  Eokines: synthesis, storage and release from human eosinophils
Lacy, P; Moqbel, R

 ·  Mechanisms of formation and function of eosinophil lipid bodies: inducible intracellular sites involved in arachidonic acid metabolism
Bozza, Patricia T; Yu, Wengui; Weller, Peter F

 ·  Modulation by IL-10 of antigen-induced allergic responses in mice
Zuany-Amorim, Claudia; Vargaftig, B Boris; Pretolani, Marina

 ·  Role of the cyclosporin-sensitive transcription factor NFAT1 in the allergic response
Viola, João PB; Rao, Anjana

 Eosinophil recruitment
 ·  Expression and function of b1 integrins on human eosinophils
Seminario, Maria-Cristina; Bochner, Bruce S

 ·  Systemic modulation of peripheral eosinophilia (air pouch model) in Schistosoma mansoni infection
Pacheco, RG; Lenzi, HL

 ·  Human eosinophil-lymphocyte interactions
Weller, Peter F; Lim, Kaiser

 ·  The role of the eosinophil-selective chemokine, eotaxin, in allergic and non-allergic airways inflammation
Conroy, Dolores M; Humbles, Alison A; Rankin, Sara M; Palframan, Roger T; Collins, Paul D; Griffiths-Johnson, David A; Jose, Peter J; Williams, Timothy J

 ·  A comparison of the inhibitory activity of selective PDE4 inhibitors on eosinophil recruitment in guinea pig skin
Teixeira, Mauro M; Miotla, JM; Cooper, N; Gristwood, RW; Hellewell, PG

 ·  A role for lymphocytes and cytokines on the eosinophil migration induced by LPS
Castro-Faria-Neto, Hugo C; Penido, Carmen M; Larangeira, Andréa P; Silva, Adriana R; Bozza, Patrícia T

 ·  Effect of selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors on the rat eosinophil chemotactic response in vitro
Alves, Alessandra C; Pires, Ana Lucia A; Lagente, Vincent; Cordeiro, Renato SB; Martins, Marco A; Silva, Patricia MR e

 ·  Participation of interleukin-5, interleukin-8 and leukotriene B4 in eosinophil accumulation in two different experimental models
Oliveira, Sandra HP; Faccioli, Lúcia H; Ferreira, Sérgio H; Cunha, Fernando Q

 Models of eosinophilic inflammation and infection
 ·  Description of an in vivo model for the assessment of eosinophil chemoattractants in the mouse
Teixeira, Mauro M; Williams, Timothy J; Hellewell, Paul G

 ·  A new murine model of persistent lung eosinophilic inflammation
Russo, Momtchilo; Mariano, Mario; Jancar, Sonia

 ·  Antigen-induced pleural eosinophilia is suppressed in diabetic rats: role of corticosteroid hormones
Diaz, Bruno L; Serra, Magda F; Barreto, Emiliano O; Cordeiro, Renato SB; Martins, Marco A; Silva, Patricia MR e

 ·  Role of eosinophilic airway inflammation in models of asthma
Lapa e Silva, José R; Ruffié, C; Lefort, J; Pretolani, M; Vargaftig, BB

 ·  Mechanisms of cell accumulation induced by Mycobacterium bovis BCG
Menezes-de-Lima-Júnior, Octávio; Henriques, Maria das Graças MO

 ·  Nitric oxide mediates the microbicidal activity of eosinophils
Oliveira, Sandra HP; Fonseca, Simone G; Romão, Pedro RT; Ferreira, Sérgio H; Cunha, Fernando Q

 ·  Does the eosinophil have a protective role in amebiasis?
López-Osuna, Martha; Velázquez, Juan R; Kretschmer, Roberto R